Video Review #1 : Girls Of The Sun – Yoona, Yuri, Siwon, Yunho

I was inspired to copy Women Of The Sun intro. Since I love the drama so much, I thought I wanna make one in SoShi version. I chose Yoona and Yuri because they look like sisters. Anyone who watched the drama should know that WOTS is about two sisters who came to conflict because of jealousy. I thought YoonYul would be the perfect pair for the job. For the male parts, I picked Yunho because he’s very masculine and he fits the role of the rich CEO type. As for Siwon, he suited the role of the Karate instructor (who’s first love was actually the Yuri) who falls for the successful sister, Doyoung (Yoona). Yuri should be the older sister. But I can’t find any video of her looking evil. Yoona has a few, so that’s how she became the bad unnie in my version.

But please note that the trailer is a one-shot job. I’m not a writer so it’s NOT a trailer for any fanfiction.

For those who wonder, the sexy Siwon scene is from Super Junior Concert DVD. You can find it on youtube.

One thought on “Video Review #1 : Girls Of The Sun – Yoona, Yuri, Siwon, Yunho

  1. heii sist..
    i laff ur job .
    its really kewl.
    i thought this is a real movie
    nice to know you.
    i like all of your video about SNSD

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