300912 APink & B1A4 High 5 Fan Meeting @ Butter Factory, KL

it’s not really a butter factory lol

First up was the 7 girls, APink.

They were late for an hour, but the organizer bowed and apologized so we didn’t go rage lol.
APink are so beautiful, all of them gave so many fanservice. Waving, smling, make heart above their heads, really adorable ❤

Suddenly I became Eunji biased. And Bomi and Naeun.

And then at 4pm is B1A4. I didn’t even plan to go but apparently someone got me a pass. So I went.

The two guys at the end linked their fingers with mine during the High 5 and they became automatic bias. Then later I was told by my students that their names were Gongchan and Sandeul. Yeah my students were with me. lol

or maybe because Gongchan was wearing a shirt with moustache on it and I find it appealing