How I Know SoShi..


I first know soshi from ‘Kissing You’ music video. I was watching it for Donghae, since i’m a huge SuJu fan. I thought they were ok and the video is very cute with bright colors and the lollipop dance. But none of their faces that I can actually remember. They all look pretty much the same to me.

After watching KY a few times, the song finally echoing in my head and refuse to get out. Since i’m running out of good songs to listens to, I started to look for SNSD stuff. Then I stumbled upon the Dream Concert performance. Without knowing about the stupid incident at the time, I thought they did just fine. I love the song they performed too, it was Girls’ Generation. Unfortunately, when I watched their MVs on youtube, I can’t help but to read the comments. That’s how I found out that these girls has some antis. I begun to dig deeper into the lies and started to believe that Jessica is a playgirl, Tiffany is a wild child and the rest of the girls did plastic surgery. Being a mature person who cares more about music than artistes personal lives, I downloaded all SNSD MVs and fell for their fun and cute music. At one point, I dislike these girls without knowing anything about them. But something inside me can’t get enough of them and their music. Slowly I started to recognize Yoona form YAMD and her appearances in SJ MVs. Along the way, my negative feelings towards SNSD slowly fades away. Not soon after that, in early August, I joined Soshified. I kept telling myself that I won’t be liking this group too much, I’m just here for… er the news. But once you logged in and became a SSF member, it’s almost impossible not being a huge fan of the girls.


I hate writing and posting stuff in forums. I didn’t really care about those things anyway. So I became a very silent surfer in SSF for a month. Not even one post..keke.. Even though i’m not posting anything, i went from thread to thread stalking any interesting stuff to read. I’m soooo not used to the pairings thing at the beginning… I thought it was too weird and kinda creepy. But! SSF changed me into a more open person.. haha I blamed this on SSF!

One night I was surfing like usual and suddenly I clicked on the FanFics section. At first I’m just browsing around, trying to find a decent fic to read until I stumbled upon a recommendation. A fic titled, ‘Wishing You Were Here’ by JENNIE. Still unsure what the fic is all about, but my curiosity was running high, I went to read the fic from chapter one… I gotta admit I was feeling uncomfortable at first, but since JENNIE is a great storyteller, I managed to read the fic till the end in just one night. I even fell for YulSic and TaeNy after reading it.

Yulsic look great together, plus they’re best friends in real life. Everybody love Yul and Sica together with their cute PDA that drives the fans crazy. I’m not really into TaeNy though.. maybe because I’m a huge TaeSu supporter…keke. For me, Taeyeon is only compatible with Junsu. Anyway, my interest for Yulsic didin’t last long after my visit to JeNy thread. Jessica and Tiffany are so sweet together. They’re like the exact opposite of each other, and their PDA is just win. So I jump ships without any hesitation..hehe. Up until now, my fave pairing is still JeNy. Reading 3B (Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered) just make me love them even more. 3B is by far the most enjoyable fic that I’ve read. I can feel the characters pain and joy which is quite powerful effect for a lazy reader like me. I usually skips long paragraphs and went straight to the important storyline, but when I read 3B, I want to cherish every paragraph and every word that pooltides wrote.

So Nyuh Shi Dae

After failing in resisting myself from visiting Soshified more than once a day, I have to admit that I’m already soshified.

I have a huge amount of respect for SNSD for being able to stay strong through it all. They’re young and always being honest with their own personality. But some people take it too seriously and their small jokes became an insult just because of some people’s jealousy. When they’re booed and was given the silent treatment during DC, they still give the best they can. It’s not easy for them to perform in that state. Even if the tears fill their eyes, they can’t cry. They must keep on pretending that this is nothing at all. I love them even more for staying strong and prove to the antis how wrong they are. The nine of them will stay whether the antis like it or not.

Now the dark past will stay in the past. They’re heading towards the bright future, starting with a word, GEE. And I, now a Sone, will support them all the way.

Let’s Go Soshi! Let’s Go!

5 thoughts on “How I Know SoShi..

  1. Nice story from u….
    For me, i followed them even before debut bcos of Sica’s rumor.
    I had a slightly bad impression but after watching their ITNW MV, i slowly but sure fell for them.
    I also got to know them through SJ…Sica n Hae rumor n their identity as SJ girl. LOL
    I have a thing for big groups…<333

  2. wow, good story
    i became fan of SNSD after few months when “Into the New World” mv come out
    keep supporting the girls

  3. wow
    the same happened 2 me i used 2 totally hate them x.x
    but yeah now im soshified and taeganster and sunshiner
    and super addicted 2 fanfics 2 xD
    its funny how this things happen i guess when u decide
    2 really dig deep 2 see the truth u see how amajjing our girls r!!

  4. Assalamualaikum,aien….

    it’s me! nuramalia_93! you’ll probably don’t remember me since you have many friends on YT…LOL

    I also got to know them because of Suju,hehe….
    my favourite member of Suju is Donghae so that’s how I found Kissing You…^^

    The way i see it….I think only 10% anti-snsd hates them because of who they are (whereas, they didn’t even spend time watching them as much as fans so they didn’t even know them well plus, they only look at the negative side)
    while other 90% hates them because of rumors and some even hate them because they have many antis and they should be hated!

    Back to the topic, Keep supporting the girls! and I really love your videos!
    SNSD Fighting!

    P/s : are you really 23 years old? (just curious,hehe….btw, i’m 16~)

  5. same here! i hated them especially jessica! because i heard shes a bitch and all that, didnt even watch their shows to prove that they’re garbage and all that, but when i watched kissing you and oh! my ears cant erase the rythm, so i watched girls go to school and all that and also registered to ssf, wah and now im a sone! i totally love them and i also watch antis’ vids in youtube and it makes me just love the girls more! ive always wanted to tell antis to watch and get to know mer more because it also happened to me. i also loved suju first and got jealous when snsd makes their own covers of suju’s songs or when they sing together, but now i actually kinda like them together, super generation and also 9pm. snsd we love you!

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