Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia : A Sone Wishlist


Woah, I seriously never thought there’ll be a day when a large kpop concert with multiple acts will be held in Malaysia. I mean, they always go to Thailand and Singapore but never Malaysia. I was hoping back then, but after having my hope crushed a few times, I just gave up. Lol.

But this! Since it’s coming from the same organizer as the SG KMV, i can’t help but keep my hopes up for my fave idols to come.

There’s been countless of rumors about who’s coming but they’re all just groundless talk.

Theres a fellow sone on Twitter said that the group that will come are probably from:

SM – 1
YG – 1
JYP – 1
Cube – 2

And others.

In my ideal world, these artistes are:

YG – 2NE1
Cube – Beast & 4 Minute

Others should be Kara, T-Ara, Infinite, MBLAQ, B1A4, After School.

I’d be perfect. If it’s true then I wouldn’t know what to do. >.<

But get real. As much as I want SNSD to come, SM is too busy sending them to other part of the world where they can get more profit./sigh. Plus I've already decided to go to SG to watch them live for their 2nd Concert next year.

The list is probably like this..

SM – f(x) or SHInee
YG – Someone from Big Bang or Seven
JYP – Miss A
Cube – B2ST & 4Minute (love them for their frequent visits!)

Others..HITT, hmm Rania, Teen Top? Idk, some new bands that I don't even know?

But let's hope my second list is wrong. And my dream list is the real one.:)

All I can do is pray for my wish to come true. It’ll be the perfect present for my birthday. 😉

Gosh I love September.

Let’s Download~

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for download links for my videos (HQ ones, that is.. >>), so I’ve uploaded some of them here in MF. I’ll be uploading SNSD Funny Moments as well. But for now, have fun downloading…

Gee Fun Parody


SNSD – Him Nae Fun Parody


소녀시대 (SNSD) is a Miracle – 9th Win Tribute


SNSD Friendship Bond – You Needed Me


Jessica & Tiffany – 8 Signs of Love


Tiffany, Yuri, Jessica – I Don’t Deserve Your Love


For TaeSu Lovers

Taeyeon & Junsu – One day [A Promise]


Junsu & Taeyeon – Cute & Dorky


From Junsu To Taeyeon – Looking at the Afterglow


Taeyeon & Junsu – Glory Of Love


TaeSu – I Could Get Used To This (Compilation)


SNSD Funny Moments..coming soon.

Video Review #2 : Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Trailer

I first read 3B because I was bored. I’ve read a lot from other people that 3B is a very good fic. So I read it one day with no clue how good it was. I only read it because of JeNy ^^. But as soon as I read it, I was surprised how the story pulled me to read more and more. I’m not really a reader type ( the one who waits for Harry Potter adapted into movies instead of reading it kinda person.hihi) so I usually skips sentences and paragraphs. But not for 3B. I somehow felt wasted if I didn’t read it all and the story wouldn’t be complete. (There’s another fic that I love though, We’re In Love With Gays by fuuko-chan.)

Driven by the story, I decided to make a trailer for it, since I can’t find any trailer for 3B which is quite surprising to me. I felt the burden while editing the clips because I’m afraid the trailer won’t be as good as the fic. But it all went well in the end when I read the supportive comments from the viewers and pooltides like it as well. This is the first trailer that I made that actually has a real story written. Haha

After reading the new chapter, I felt like making another one. Well, it’s all depends on the time in my hands and the ideas in my head.

Video Review #1 : Girls Of The Sun – Yoona, Yuri, Siwon, Yunho

I was inspired to copy Women Of The Sun intro. Since I love the drama so much, I thought I wanna make one in SoShi version. I chose Yoona and Yuri because they look like sisters. Anyone who watched the drama should know that WOTS is about two sisters who came to conflict because of jealousy. I thought YoonYul would be the perfect pair for the job. For the male parts, I picked Yunho because he’s very masculine and he fits the role of the rich CEO type. As for Siwon, he suited the role of the Karate instructor (who’s first love was actually the Yuri) who falls for the successful sister, Doyoung (Yoona). Yuri should be the older sister. But I can’t find any video of her looking evil. Yoona has a few, so that’s how she became the bad unnie in my version.

But please note that the trailer is a one-shot job. I’m not a writer so it’s NOT a trailer for any fanfiction.

For those who wonder, the sexy Siwon scene is from Super Junior Concert DVD. You can find it on youtube.