180212 Super Show 4 in Singapore 2012 @ Singapore Indoor Stadium


The super short trip to Singapore! I spent less than 24 hours on another country on that weekend.

The whole crazy idea begins when my sis and I went to the Universal Music Malaysia’s KPOP Crazy Party on the 11th Feb. We went there for the fun since Granny l informed me so I thought, why not? I was hoping to get lucky with some SNSD merchandise too.

But the lucky one was my sister.

Yeap, she won a trip to Singapore to watch Super Junior’s SS4 on the 18th through the lucky draw!

It was only a week away.

And a week later I found myself on a flight to SG. (after getting away from the school camp that I was supposed to be on duty lol.)

She got there with the rest of the winners on a bus, so I had to travel alone. But I wasn’t feeling worried since my good Sone friend, Michlion promised to pick me up at the airport.

After a nice date (lol) with Michlion that includes a walk on a quiet hill, hot lunch and ice cream, she drove me to the stadium where I was supposed to meet my sister.

We met, and then there was a problem. I have no ticket for the concert. HAHA.

For some complicated reasons she can’t give her ticket to me as she promised.

But being a responsible sister she is, in less than an hour before the concert begins she managed to get not only one ticket, but two. She’s awesome.

Since I got an extra ticket, I didn’t know what to do with it and there was only half an hour before the concert starts. My friend suggested me to sell it to an ELF in need at the venue.

I approached a family from Indonesia because I saw their daughters were weeping. When I came they weren’t interested because firstly, it was a balcony ticket, and secondly, they need 3 tickets. I am not SISTIC so I neither have 3 tickets nor rock zone tickets. Fine, I walked away, thinking that I’m just going to burn it.

A few seconds after that an ELF came to me asking about the ticket. I showed her the ticket and she was hesitating because it was a balcony. Then another girl came and said, “I’ll buy it from you for 200 dollars.”

And then another girl came and another and another, and soon I was swarmed by these blue kids. The father from the early family also came, wanted to buy the ticket. But it was too late.

Amidst the confusion and the chaos I had to pick only one buyer. So I picked the girl who wants to buy without hesitation. It was sold for 200 dollars. \o/


The concert, the stage set up was great with multiple special effects. I was quite impressed.

But I can’t help comparing it to Soshi concert and imagining Yuri bouncing around in the very same stadium.

Oh Yureee-ah. If I was your girl, oh the things I’d do to you ~


Here are some of the pics we managed to snap during the concert. It was so unfair how there was no staffs refraining us from taking photos unlike during SNSD Concert. Hummph.

Look who came!
Amber was there too
She’s so cuteee
LOL dorks
Kyuhyun being attacked by birds haha
Heavenly voice
That diamond box reminds me of a girl group
Lee Hyuk Jae
Kyu ❤
leader giving roses
Human Chucky
Yup that’s water
There was no black ocean for him 🙂

Till next time~

SNSD Tiffany and Other SM kids in The Upcoming Musical, ‘Fame’

What the title said.


The news just got out that our beloved Hwang will be joining the cast of the korean version of the famous musical, Fame.

The other cast members are Lina (CSJH), Son Ho Young, Jungmo (Trax) and lastly Eunhyuk (SJ)…It’s obvious that this is an SM funded show.lol.

The show will run starting from November 25th until January 29th next year. So if you’re planning to go to Seoul this end of the year, you can try your luck in securing a ticket.

Son Ho Young

What a hottie. :3

Anyway, another soshi lady became a musical actress after the flawless Jung and Taengoo. Let’s wish this talented Hwang the best of luck. 🙂

190311 Super Junior Super Show 3 Live in Malaysia

Date: 19th of March 2011
Venue: Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

A delayed post.


I’ve always wanted to attend an SM concert. I missed SS2 last year so I’ve decided to attend it this year instead. I’m not really a huge suju fan but they were the first idols that I really fell into. They introduced me to SNSD so they’re kinda important to me in a way. lol.

We arrived about 3 hours early and find that there were already crowds around the stadium entrance. It was slightly raining that day so it calms the fangirls a bit. I was carrying a backpack, filled with water bottles and a camera. Though they forbid us from bringing cameras I refuse to obey the rules anyway. lol. There were many people handing out suju banners, and though I didn’t even understand what was written on it, I took them all. There were vendors selling food, T-Shirts and SJ souveniers. But the one who benefited the most was the disposable raincoat seller. I got ripped off by buying one for RM5. Like seriously, five ringgit for plastic? But I bought one and wore it over my SPAO shirt and backpack.

The gate opened and the audience quickly filled the stadium. RELA was there controlling the crowd and checking the bags. I got passed them successfully. haha. We bought the terrace seats and it was a great decision. The view was clear and the boys were only meters away from us.


The concert begin on time. When the boys first appeared, the crowd went absolutely crazy. It’s amazing how much screaming was involved. Yes, that would include me. xD


It’s my second time seeing Shindong. I did stalked him and Kangin at KLIA in 2008 when they came for the MTV Asia Awards. He looked erm..healthy? lol. It’s just the hair. Why the hair like that?!


I had a huge crush on Heechul a while back and yeah I was excited seeing him in person. But unfortunately he was a bit sick and wore his shades the whole time. And I had a feeling that he was still a bit phobia with the crowd after the LED board incident. He’s beautiful nonetheless.


My biases are Heechul, Siwon, Donghae and Kyuhyun. But none of them liked to come to our side of the stage. T.T Heechul kept disappearing and Siwon was busy entertaining VIPs. Hae was busy going to the opposite side. lol. But Kyu did came now and then and smiled at us. So cute.
But my sis’s bias, Leeteuk came all the time. Him, Yesung, Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Shindong.

Flying Teukie.

Siwon tying his shoes.

Heechul wants to join too..

SJM+Jungmo+Heechul rocking it out.

Ryeowook solo and Sungmin on the guitar.

Eunhyuk and Donghae.

Suju T having fun.

This time it’s Leeteuk tying his shoes!

Siwon singing something gospel-ish. lol.

“If I Can’t Have You..” it was perfect.

Hate You, Love You. Ahh bring back the memories!

In My Dream – My absolute fave song! The live version was perfect <33 I almost cried.lol.


I spot SiChul..

Siwon the hugger.


Teary eyed Hyuk. ❤

Overall the concert was great. The songlist, the breathtaking ballads, the solo parts, the fanservice, the dancing, the lighting and the special effects making the event perfect. It was over three hours but we were still can't get enough of them. The boys were playful and friendly, making the concert more enjoyable than it already was.


Hope to see them again soon.
Ah, SJM will be coming this weekend for the National Youth Day. xD
But I’m not sure I’ll be going though.

p/s: I really hope SNSD can have a huge scale concert like this in Malaysia soon. 🙂

Check my photostream for more SS3 Malaysia photos!