SNSD And Their Part Time Jobs in Woongjin Coway CF 30s

Some of the girls decided to do part time jobs before the comeback in late September.

Yoona chose to do car wash service so that she can look like she’s doing CFs all the time, Taeyeon took a job of painting people’s walls so she can use the ladder and feel tall for once, Hyoyeon tries to be a carpenter because she can use a hammer on something other than her members, Jessica became a designer so she can measure chests.. and Sunny became a cook because she wants to feed Taeyeon with healthy meal for growth..

Lol, of course not.

They just released another CF yesterday.

More Info About Hwang’s ‘Fame’ Musical

It is reported that Tiffany will be playing Carmen Diaz.

Carmen Diaz – A sexy, confident but cocky dancer with a big ego. Carmen is determined to make it big and is obsessed with fame, she believes she has what it takes to achieve this. Initially has a casual relationship with Tyrone, but develops returned romantic feelings for Schlomo. She later dies after being hooked on drugs.

Sounds like a challenging character for her. But I’m sure she can make it work, since it’s Tiffany we’re talking about here.

Song from the original musical:

Carmen Diaz Solo – There She Goes/Fame

Are you excited for this?