Rant: MAX 247 from a kpop fan POV

When you look up for this group name on google, you’ll mostly be directed to pictures of a bunch of Malay kpop idols wannabe with hate pages and bashing comments underneath.

They are the so-called first kpop mpop (wtf) boy group in Malaysia. But why are they receiving so much hate from their own fellow malaysians? They would wonder. /sigh

So here I am, sharing my own two cents as to why us, Malaysians kpop fans can’t accept them into the music scene.

1. They don’t understand kpop.

It’s not that we hate them because they’re trying to imitate our idols, because we do cheer on our fellow kpop dance groups in competitions (like Ruffneckz, Progression, Re-do and others). It’s just because they don’t understand kpop itself.

They’re like a failed carbon copy of Super Junior. SJ has 13 members, they have 12 members. SJ sings and dance to cheesy songs, and they do the same. Just worse.

2. They don’t have enough training.

All kpop idols have gone through years of training before debuting. They trained for 5 years, 7 years before they finally able to stand on stage and pour out their years of hardship. That’s why they have such stellar performances, crisp and energetic dances, outstanding vocals, overflowing charisma and lastly their admirable professionalism and discipline.

Judging from what I’ve watched in their MV, they have nothing as I mentioned above. Poor performance, lousy dance, a bunch of cheap auto tune and zero charisma.

3. Their song belongs in the bin.

Their debut song, Cinta 247 sounds like Rebecca Black’s sequel to Friday. It’s just badly produced. The arrangement sound like they recorded it in a room, and the beat is just all over the place. The lyrics is cheesy and I don’t understand with the obsession to count days in songs.

What they failed to realize is that kpop is so much more than that. Even for groups that are not from the big 3 like B1A4 or Secret, they all have step up their game to get ahead. They have their own producers and songwriters who came up with one hits after another.

E-Tribe, Sweettune, Shinsadong Tiger, Kenzie, Hwang Hyun and Teddy are just some of korean talented composers. And nowadays, a lot of idols are songwriting like GD and Junhyung.

So tell us how can we listen to something like that when we’re used to high quality music?

4. Lame choreo is lame.

Seriously. I don’t get it. I think there are a lot of talented choreographers in Malaysia, why can’t they hire them? Their dance moves is like morning aerobics and that’s how you want to impress kpop fans with? /sigh.

I’ve watched B2ST final dance competition where the groups were to create their own choreography for the song Freeze and boy I was impressed. It’s fun and creative and it makes you want to root for them.

5. WTF are you wearing?

The problem is that they think kpop is all about guys wearing either all black or all white with heavily gelled hair.

Kpop is fashion. Kpop is style and trendsetters. No kpop idols dressed in cheap leather like them anymore. Look at SuJu and their ubersexual fashion for Mr. Simple.

Beat that then we’re talking.

6. They don’t pay attention to MV.

The video is just badly produced. It looks like a parody of a bunch of kpop MV put together. Their video is nothing like we’ve seen before.

Fake fangirls screaming, the guys exited the van dressed in white, and then theres a guy acting like a pimp as an mc of their party. And then he announced 12 handsome guys first concert.

WTH? Concert? No one ever debuted and went straight to do a concert. At least they do showcase first. There’s a clear difference between the two.

And then on to the video. There’s no stage or concert, just them dancing in what looks like an empty room with white walls. And then there’s clips of the members with multiracial women and singing to them. I just..don’t get what it’s about.lol.

The video has no relation to the song lyrics or the ‘concert’ intro earlier. What in the world?

A good video doesn’t have to be expensive since I understand that their group doesn’t have enough funds, but the least thing they could do is to be creative.

Or be original.


I’m not being negative and bash them without reason. I support our local music acts like Yuna and Bunkface. I’m just stating the truth.

If they want to succeed, then do this thing seriously. Find a good original song, wear something more stylish but not pretentious, improve their dance moves, hire a proper choreographer, do extensive vocal training and shoot a much better MV. And yeah, I would say the same thing to local girlgroup Gula-Gula.

Kpop fans in general are used to perfection. We expect better original songs, unique concept and high class MV each time our idols making comeback. Sometimes we would criticize our own beloved kpop idols if they sing crappy song and releases lame MVs.

Expecting us to listen and like something like this is simply..impossible.