Kara’s Lupin

I hope it’s not too late for me to say..

Kara’s concept for their 3rd album really got me. I loved it a lot!!

The French Thieves

I’ve always been a Kara fan, but never own their album, while I bought all SNSD albums, all six of them. So I’ve finally decided to buy Lupin.^^

I bought it at Times Square, that famous k-pop shop, My Star at RM 61.80 after discount (because I got member card..lol). I also got a free poster, which is much smaller to Oh! poster which is currently on my bedroom wall..

The songs are ..so Kara. I can’t stop listening to Lupin, it’s awesome. They’re doing pretty well on the charts atm, but..they’re gonna face some tough challenge from Black Soshi’s Run Devil Run. Good luck to both.^^

My fave Kara member?

I can’t really choose. xD

One moment I like Hara, then Nicole, then Gyuri, then Jiyoung, then Seungyeon, then Hara again..