My Two Days with KARA Part 1: 130712 Meet and Greet @ Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa

Day 1 – 130712 – KARA Meet and Greet at Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa

Let me begin from how I won the Meet and Greet chance.

I was so excited with their upcoming concert in MTV world stage and was already contented with the X-Zone passes. But when I saw people on Twitter were mentioning about the Meet and Greet passes, I google-ed for it and saw several websites having contests, including MSN Entertainment. It only requires 2 questions for KARA and a creative slogan to win, so I spend a whole night to create the best entry possible. I submitted my entry and waited for 2 days till they announced the winner. And then on Wednesday, 11th July, I received a call from an MSN staff, Jean informing me that I’ve won the contest! I wanted to scream in joy but I was at work lol. I almost cried though.

At first they told me that there was only one pass to the MnG, but on Thursday evening, Jean emailed me saying that I can bring a friend along. I first gave the offer to my sister, because she’s a KARA fan, but it clashed with her company’s conference and dinner. After much thinking, I decided to give it to a friend, Ad @adpipi who I know is a KARA fanboy and also admin of Malaysian Kamilia fanbase, MySweetKara. I sent him an SMS which he replied almost immediately lol.

Jean told me to meet her at the lobby at 3.30pm sharp, but I got there earlier and arrived around 1.30pm. I parked my car and then wander around Sunway Pyramid for a bit, looking for the joint entrance to the hotel. I’m not very familiar with Pyramid so I end up walking around aimlessly and was also distracted with soshi endorsed Baby-G watches along the way. Suddenly I saw a group of tough guys in front of the Quicksilver outlet. Curious, I asked a girl who was standing by with her phone, and she told me that Justin Bieber was inside the store. I’m not a fan, but I can’t miss this opportunity to see him up close. Since it’s still early to the KARA MnG, I waited with my phone ready to record. And soon I saw him, wearing red cap and was enjoying his time shopping with her entourage and dancers. As time passes, more people were gathered in front of the store and I stopped following him as soon as he moved to the next floor.

I found my way to the hotel afterwards and meet up with Ad, Penyu, Fik and Nub who were already waiting at the lobby. We waited for a bit, chat and then we saw a familiar face coming towards the lobby. It was none other than Mizz Nina. Her group of dancers and entourage were waiting for her to go for the rehearsal. Me and the boys were hesitating and shy to approach her at first, but then I went to her and tapped her shoulder. She was so nice and friendly, we shook hands and chat for a bit (I joked with her about her dancing props which was baseball bats) and then we took a group photo together.

At 3.20pm, Jean whatsapp-ed me and we met for the first time. I repeatedly thanked her for picking me as the winner to which she laughed. Then she introduced me to an MTV Asia staff, Christine, the one who will take us up to meet KARA. The fanmeet was scheduled at 3.45 but was delayed. They informed us that KARA was busy doing interviews. Me and Ad waited with the other contest winners and we noticed that we were the only ones who brought gifts. We brought 2 bags of gifts for them.

We followed Christine and sat in a waiting room along with other winners. There were quite a number of us, around 40 people. We were arranged in a group of 10 where Ad and I were in the first group. We can’t express our nervousness and busy thinking of things to say to KARA later. When they called us to enter the room where KARA was in, excitement and nervousness took over and we forgot about everything that we wanted to say.

When I entered the room and saw KARA standing ever so perfectly and so beautifully, I was still in disbelief. I almost fell on my knees when I saw them looking at me. T_T. They are sooooooo pretty and soooooo cute that it’s ridiculous. Flawless goddesses indeed <3333

The so called meet and greet was not as we expect it to be. As soon as we entered the room, the staff asked us to pose for a photo. But I ignored them and took my own sweet time going from one member to another. I first went to Jiyoung, I look at her, grinned and offered my hand for a handshake.

Me: “Hi Jiyoungggg~”

Jing: “Oh hi!” She said, smiling. She was shocked but she still grabbed my hand. ❤

“Hi Nicoleeee~”

Cole: “Hello!”

“Hi Gyuriiii, you are my favourite member!”

She smiled and nodded. I don’t think she understands but still, her smile and her mesmerizing eyes were enough!

“Hi Seungyeonnnn, are you okay now?”

She just smiled and nodded too, she may say something but I only remember her eye-smile. /diesss

“Hi Hara! You are so prettyyy”

Shake my hand and smiled even more prettily. /waeee u so pretty

By that time, the staff was impatient and urged us to hurry for the picture session. I find a spot in front of Gyuri, I looked at her, hoping that I could squeeze next to her, but the staff kept urging us so I ended up kneeling in front of her. LOL. But as I kneeled down, I can’t help but look up at her, and guess what, she was looking at me too and even smiled! Goshhhh I remember blushing at the brief eye-contact and quickly looked away, shy! >.< ROFL! I never blushed because of a woman before! Would you marry me, Park Gyul? ;A;

Then they took our group photo and urging us to leave. But lol, me and Ad didn’t want to leave just yet! I stood up and look at Gyuri again, we were only a few inches away and damn it’s so hard not to look at her, so gorgeous she makes any straight woman go gay for her. T_T

I asked Gyuri, straightly as if we were close lolol,

“So how do you like sleeping on the sofa last night?”

She looked at me blankly.

“You know, the sofa last night? Room? Twitter?”

She continued to look at me with her blank face as seconds passed and I waited for her reply. Then she looked at Nicole and said, “Mwo?”

OTL! She didn’t understand a thing!

Nicole looked at me, with her eyebrows raised, “Huh?” as if she was asking me to repeat the question, but the staffs were staring at us with burning eyes. I said to them both,

“It’s okay, see you guys tomorrow!”

Gyuri smiled. Dang I should brush up my Korean!

We were about to leave when suddenly one of the staffs said,

“You can give them gifts.”

Me and Ad looked at each other and pulled up our paper bags.

“Yes, we have gifts for them!”

LOL the thing is I prepared personalized phone strap for each of the members with their names on. So I said to them,

“Wait, I have gifts for everyone!”

I took my time to sort the names and give it to them one by one!

“Okay, this is for Seungyeon…” /hand it to Hammie

“This is for you…” /hand one to Hara

“Gyuri…” /hand it to Gyul

And then to Jiyoung and Nicole.

They waited for me to sort out the gifts and put out their hands to receive it! Gosh how adorable is that?? They each said thanks and smiled receiving the small gift. And as Ad was handing his gifts to Hara and Hammie, I took out my cookies!

“There’s more! Wait, this cookies is for Jiyoung…” I said as I hand a box of cookies to Jiyoung.


“And this one is for Nicole.”

“Ohh, thank you so much…”

I quickly added, “This is our local cookies, pineapple tart. Do you like pineapple?”

“Yes I do!” She replied, smiling with her eyes. /KO

And then the staffs were urging us even more since we took up time for the rest of the winners. And so, we had to leave. T_T

I look at each of them and they were waving at us as we leave.

“See you tomorrow!”

“Yes, see you tomorrow!” replied Nicole, waving at me.

“Bye bye!” said Jiyoung who I think don’t understand. Lol

“Bye~” said Gyuri.

While Hara was just smiling and waving happily.

And then I suddenly heard Seungyeon saying, “Sorry~~” with such a cute and adorable tone.

She looked at my friend and slightly bowed her head apologetically.

He said, “It’s okay, see you tomorrow!”

And so we leave the room, with eyes still fixed on them. My friend shouted, “Saranghaeyo!” and I randomly shouted “Gyuri-ah!” LOL

We finally leave the room, with mixed feelings. There were still so many things to say to them, and the time given was too short.

Later I found out that Hammie was apologizing because she couldn’t sign my friend’s fanboard. Awwww she’s so sweet!

To Be Continued.