SNSD 3rd Album Rumored Songs: No More Hiccup?

It’s been circulating these past few days that there are 3 songs that could be included in the ladies third album.

Firstly is a nice pop song, Hikkup.

I personally like this song and I think it could be a hit single. It’s catchy and repetitive though it sounds a bit like a Britney reject.

UPDATE: So SM said that Hikkup won’t be included in the girls’ 3rd album. But who knows?

I remembered my Mechanics lecturer once gave us 3 questions a week before a test. We asked him if it’s the questions that’s gonna come up, but he denied it strongly. But guess what questions come up in the test?

That 3 questions. And I was stupid for believing him.

Secondly is ‘Time Machine’.

I like this kind of song. The melody sort of giving the listeners a goosebumps. Pairing this with the ladies’ voices, it could be my future fave track.

Lastly is ‘Let It Rain’.

I reckon it’s the Korean version of a track from their Japanese album with the same name. This song is not bad, though I would prefer they cover ‘Born To Be A Lady’ instead.

Yeah, looks like SM will spent their cash on foreign songs again though I find there’s nothing wrong with it. Growing up I was a fan of european and British pop so I guess I’ll love their 3rd album as well.

Still I do hope SM would let some Korean songwriters compose songs as their lead singles. There’s nothing better than a good kpop song composed by Korean themselves. Their biggest ever song, Gee was composed by Koreans. They shouldn’t underestimate their fellow Koreans talent.