SNSD Tiffany and Other SM kids in The Upcoming Musical, ‘Fame’

What the title said.


The news just got out that our beloved Hwang will be joining the cast of the korean version of the famous musical, Fame.

The other cast members are Lina (CSJH), Son Ho Young, Jungmo (Trax) and lastly Eunhyuk (SJ)…It’s obvious that this is an SM funded

The show will run starting from November 25th until January 29th next year. So if you’re planning to go to Seoul this end of the year, you can try your luck in securing a ticket.

Son Ho Young

What a hottie. :3

Anyway, another soshi lady became a musical actress after the flawless Jung and Taengoo. Let’s wish this talented Hwang the best of luck. 🙂