The Ballads of TVXQ

A few years ago, everyone knows who TVXQ is. When kpop is an unknown little thing in most part of the world, they’re already touring asia for their large scale concerts.

Their popularity was no joke.

New kpop fans might not know, and some of them even wonder why Hero, U-Know, Micky, Xiah and Max were very successful. They’re not as cute as girly looking boy group members nowadays, and not so beastly either.

Well guys, the strength in TVXQ is from their talent first and then their looks.

Yeah, sure its sad when they split, but they left behind them a great legacy. A legacy that I’m not sure if there are any new boy group can surpass.

I’m not here to talk about their numerous number no 1s or their list of awards. I just want to share with maybe new kpop fans, or the old ones some of my favorite TVXQ ballads.

In my opinion, they sing ballads much more better than any boy group idols out there. From back then until now.

1. One

2. Holding Back The Tears

3. Love In The Ice

4. Why Did I Fell In Love With You?

5. Wasurenaide (Don’t Forget)

There you go, the wonderful harmony of the five men in TVXQ.

Gah, though I never was a huge TVXQ fan, I’m holding back my tears as I’m listening to these songs again. They were one of the earliest kpop influence to me. I regret missing their concerts, but back then I wasn’t even a kpop fan. I went to JYJ showcase last year, but the feeling isn’t the same.

Call me naive, but TVXQ is only TVXQ when there are 5 members. Not 2 or 3.

They only shine the brightest when they’re together.