Video Review #2 : Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Trailer

I first read 3B because I was bored. I’ve read a lot from other people that 3B is a very good fic. So I read it one day with no clue how good it was. I only read it because of JeNy ^^. But as soon as I read it, I was surprised how the story pulled me to read more and more. I’m not really a reader type ( the one who waits for Harry Potter adapted into movies instead of reading it kinda person.hihi) so I usually skips sentences and paragraphs. But not for 3B. I somehow felt wasted if I didn’t read it all and the story wouldn’t be complete. (There’s another fic that I love though, We’re In Love With Gays by fuuko-chan.)

Driven by the story, I decided to make a trailer for it, since I can’t find any trailer for 3B which is quite surprising to me. I felt the burden while editing the clips because I’m afraid the trailer won’t be as good as the fic. But it all went well in the end when I read the supportive comments from the viewers and pooltides like it as well. This is the first trailer that I made that actually has a real story written. Haha

After reading the new chapter, I felt like making another one. Well, it’s all depends on the time in my hands and the ideas in my head.