Collections: B2ST 1st Fan Meeting Asia Tour Official Goods


I don’t have much of their items, since I’m not really a big fan, not until this year. I don’t have any of their albums before Fiction and Fact, and I used to stash away their posters, because I wasn’t a fan..haha.

Here are some of my favourite Beast goodies!

1. 1st Fan Meeting Asia Tour Paper Bag.

It is huge (like the one you would get if you went shopping) and it is made out of good material. I mean, the bag could hold my 6 image pickets, a book, water bottles and camera during the concert. And it still in perfect condition.
I like how exclusive it looks, with the Beast special logo printed all over it.


2. 1st Fan Meeting Asia Tour Image Picket.

It actually large fans. I bought for about RM50 and there are six of them. Each of the members’ faces were printed on them.


3. 1st Fan Meeting Asia Tour Program Book


My favourite item! It’s sold in a silver bag and it can be sealed again. 24 pages of pictures of the boys, with profiles and lyrics written in English. There’s also their discography and tour schedule.







4. Beast 1st Album Fiction and Fact Malaysia Edition.


By Universal Music Malaysia. I bought it hoping I could win something in the lucky draw, but I wasn’t that lucky..


Their Own Love Story: Hara & Junhyung

I had mixed reactions when I first found out about them.

I was shocked, I read the title a few times to make sure it was just a CF or something like that. But when I read through the article, I soon found out that it was real.

They are real.

Hara is my favourite in KARA and it does make me worry a little. I really hope she met a nice guy, who can take care of her and be there for her. And when I found out it was Junhyung, I felt relieved. Though I don’t much about him, since I just recently became a B2ST fan, he seems like a nice guy. And pretty good looking too. Lol. I act like a concern unnie. xD

What really made me relieved is how happy Hara looked in the pictures. I can’t help but smile, watching her smile. And that’s when I know she’s really into this guy. And it explains why she looks so bright these past few weeks. You know how people said that when someone is in love, they glows? xD

Some fans are hoping its fake and some thinks it’s real. As for me, I think it’s pretty legit.

No matter how I think about it, KARA/DSP has no reason to create a scandal at times like this. If this is staged, it will only bring more damage to them. Because:

1. KARA’s new Japanese single will be released tomorrow. Yes, a scandal a day before could raise the sales, but could also destroy it completely. Are DSP willing to take such risk? Especially when they just starting to build KARA’s image again?
2. KARA barely survived their first controversy. Do they really need another controversy for attention?
3. Hara is the most popular member. She has more fans in Japan than any other female kpop idols (based on their Japan fancafe). I don’t think announcing their idol is taken is going to add more fans.

If this really is an experimental marketing technique that DSP pull then I really have nothing to say. There’s way too much risk. It’s stupid, from a business point of view.

But then, who knows. /shrugs

But at the back of my romantic mind, /chuckles

I think these two are dating. Knowing how honest Hara is, it’s really something that Hara will do. She once boldly admitted her surgeries to the whole world, and has no fears doing anything she wants. I think if she really like someone, she’s not afraid to show him to the world either.

And that’s an admirable thing to do.

..also foolish.

And I just want to share this post by a Kamilia (myhoneyclaire) who happens to be a huge Hara fan I found on Karaholic. It’s really sweet.

tbh, i feel so happy for these two.
the entertainment industry is so difficult and having someone special there with you just makes it even more special and easier. by being public, they can get through hardships together easier and it’ll be easier for their love to last once the public “approves” of the couple.

i keep on hearing “i dont like her” or “i dont like him” or “WHYYYY??!J KLSDJ FKLSDFJ”…
this type of stuff which is totally understandable
but i really hope people will get over it and understand that no you probably will NOT marry or even have a chance to date EITHER of them so feel happy for them because if you are a true fan, you will feel happy for them.

another thing is that i hear people say that “oh they’ll probably break up soon” and i hate hearing that.
each couple is different. they shouldn’t be compared to jonghyun and shin sekyung nor should they be compared to se7en and park hanbyul. each couple will have their own love story and their own chance at the game of love. they shouldn’t be compared to anyone. sure it doesnt hurt to compare a little but saying that they’ll break up soon just because jonghyun and sekyung broke up so soon just doesnt cut it for me.

not to mention, if they were confident enough to bring this relationship to public, that means that they want this relationship to last and they want their fans, some of the most important people to them, to be able to accept their relationship. it means that they trust their fans enough to bring this to public. kpop nowadays and kpop back then is a lot different.
2nd generation kpop idols couldn’t even be within one meter or talk to the opposite sex without being bashed on (im exaggerating a bit but u know what i mean) and now kpop loves making celebrity couples.
kpop has come a long way and hopefully this will be the start of kpop actually being normal and not having celebrities hide relationships.

lastly, i think we all remember when kara appeared on taxi and hara was crying a little and saying how her heart feels lonely. after all that hara and the girls have gone through, im glad that she has found someone who picked her up when she felt the lowest and was about to help her through her darkest times. junhyung is an awesome guy whom i love dearly and i love hara to death. i never thought of them dating but from what i know about each of them, i know that they’ll be good to each other. when i saw that taxi episode of hara crying and saying that she felt lonely, i just wanted someone to be there for her and to stand by her. not just the girls but someone else there for her and im glad that junhyung can now be there for her.

even though since im a girl i should love junhyung more than hara, i love hara more than junhyung and i can say this as a hara fan and as a girl. every girl wants that happy ending with that someone special and hara has been deprived of happy endings and good things for so long that she really deserves this. hara looks REALLY happy in those pictures. like its not that many pictures where we can see her face but out of those, she has that smile. that hara smile when shes happy.
after all the years of hardships and pain, hara has gotten her happiness and i just hope that people can be open-minded and help hara keep that happiness ♥

I’m actually surprised most Kamilia there are very calm about this news. Kudos to them for being a mature fandom. (:
Though there are quite a number of heartbroken Harawotas..

Anyway, I love you both dearly and I hope you will prove people wrong and stay strong together. He’s a good catch, so Hara, you go girl!

All the best to you both. (:

210511 2AM Showcase In Malaysia

Me and my sis came early this time, or so we thought. When we reached Wisma MCA around 2:30pm, there were already people lining up. We join the line for Zone A and prepare to wait for hours. After waited for almost 2 and a half hours, we finally got in. I was worried about sneaking in the camera but it was done perfectly well. I did the water bottle trick again and managed to get pass the security without getting my bag checked.

The hall, Dewan San Choon were quickly filled with people in just minutes. We managed to get a good spot next to a pakcik with his children. The audience were entertained with 2AM MVs and DiGi commercials before the show begin. Then the host, Jin from came out and entertain the crowd. He did his job well, I should say.


Before the concert begin, 4 students from Bentley Music gave out a performance, which was a instrumentals medley of 2AM songs. It was pretty cool, despite the fact that the speaker was deafening. The saxophone sound was too loud. But it was bearable.

Then the boys came out and the crowd went crazy. What amused me was that the fans who came are comprised of various types of people, not just a bunch of screaming fangirls like in SS3 or JYJ Showcase. For instance, the malay pakcik beside us were screaming the loudest. lol. There was a video played. The video tells how Jinwoon was feeling unsatisfied because he had no solo project like other members and that he never sang a chorus part of the song. He ranted and tried to write a rock song to create his own solo career. It was hilarious.

The boys did a great job singing. It was so good I thought I was listening to the album.

The boys had fun with their fans through games session on stage. Jo Kwon showed his Kkap-ness. lol too precious.

Jinwoon was surprised. xD

Kwon gave the best fanservice!

Apa khabar?

You don’t mess with the Kkap.

Yes, I love you too Seulong-shi.

lol, Kwon’s tongue.

Then we sang them birthday song and gave them a Twin Tower cake. Changmin and Kwon looked so intrested with the cake. Changmin even tried to eat the plastic bridge!

“I tried to eat the bridge but it was plastic..” – Changmin

Then they sang an accapella of Sisqo’s Incomplete as a gift for fans. It was too beautiful for words.

They sang ‘I Did Wrong’ and boy they really can’t dance. lol. And the pakcik beside my sister was dancing along to the robot-like dance and even stumping his feet while singing along. His kids were staring at him, probably shocked or embarrassed. I can’t imagine their pain.

You did wrong. Really.

After singing ‘Like Crazy’ they went backstage as if it’s over. A video played again, and this time it tells the story of how 2AM got together. Starting with Jo Kwon who trained for years, then he met the clumsy Seulong, the mischievous maknae Jinwoon and lastly the fresh from military Changmin.

Then they returned with an encore of ‘This Song’.

You’re looking at me, handsome?


A serious Kwon.

Eye-smile alert! Dies.

“Whenever you call us, we’ll come again.” – Changmin.

We drive home, in the rain and stuck in the traffic jam, but happy and satisfied. I’m gave the props to UMM and Digi (esp Digi) for organizing such a great showcase. They gave us drinks while waiting in line, and those yellow balloons to I regret missing the last Cube concert (Digi Kpop Concert), but surely won’t miss it any more in the future.

And please bring SNSD next time and make Malaysian Sones really happy.

Check my flickr photostream for more pics of 2AM!


All the pics were taken by my sister. I was too busy screaming. lol.