DSP to broadcast ‘KARA Channel’ on YouTube!

There’s no stopping for the best fcuking five. After revealing their album cover and track list yesterday, and also announcing their upcoming new line of fragrance, they revealed the new revamped version of their YouTube channel!

DSP Media has partnered up with Youtube to bring Kamilias “KARA Channel” starting September 7th. “KARA Channel” will bring fans behind the scenes of KARA’s comeback preparations as they make their return to their home country after 10 months hiatus.

“KARA Channel” will be uploaded to their official Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/DSPKara) once a week for the next three weeks and will contain images and videos by KARA to be revealed to the public.

KARA will be in the studio greeting fans and will be reading fans’ comments in real-time. On August 26th, a teaser for “KARA Channel” was uploaded on both DSP Media and KARA’s Youtube channel. International fans are expected to take part in this, and KARA will attempt to try and communicate with both oversea and their domestic fans as best as possible.

Taken from: koreaboo

Check out the teaser! Looks like the girls are planning to stay closer to their international fans. I can’t wait to see more of the girls each week and definitely looking forward to the live streaming!

This is what they call good marketing. I think they can be even more successful this time around.

SNSD 3rd Album Rumored Songs: No More Hiccup?

It’s been circulating these past few days that there are 3 songs that could be included in the ladies third album.

Firstly is a nice pop song, Hikkup.

I personally like this song and I think it could be a hit single. It’s catchy and repetitive though it sounds a bit like a Britney reject.

UPDATE: So SM said that Hikkup won’t be included in the girls’ 3rd album. But who knows?


I remembered my Mechanics lecturer once gave us 3 questions a week before a test. We asked him if it’s the questions that’s gonna come up, but he denied it strongly. But guess what questions come up in the test?

That 3 questions. And I was stupid for believing him.

Secondly is ‘Time Machine’.

I like this kind of song. The melody sort of giving the listeners a goosebumps. Pairing this with the ladies’ voices, it could be my future fave track.

Lastly is ‘Let It Rain’.

I reckon it’s the Korean version of a track from their Japanese album with the same name. This song is not bad, though I would prefer they cover ‘Born To Be A Lady’ instead.

Yeah, looks like SM will spent their cash on foreign songs again though I find there’s nothing wrong with it. Growing up I was a fan of european and British pop so I guess I’ll love their 3rd album as well.

Still I do hope SM would let some Korean songwriters compose songs as their lead singles. There’s nothing better than a good kpop song composed by Korean themselves. Their biggest ever song, Gee was composed by Koreans. They shouldn’t underestimate their fellow Koreans talent.