My Sister, Jessica Jung

This is a story about my sister, Jessica. My sister was so mean to me when I was little. It was just so unfair how she always towers over me and looking down at me with her evil smirk. She was so mean that she always took what’s mine, like my toys, my clothes and my coloring books. Worst yet, she even took my bottle which was my most precious item at the time and drank the milk till the last drop. She was such a meanie older sister.

I hated her for about an hour for it. Even though she was huge and mean, I just can’t bring myself to hate her for too long. Because whenever I cried, she cried too and soon it became a crying contest between us two. And I usually lost the contest and stopped crying first, because she would hug me and kiss my cheeks.

We always do everything together. Now that I think about it, she just liked to drag me around like her little sidekick so that she could bosses me around. But I did enjoy being her little sidekick. And the time I spent with her was a huge part of the reason why I had such a happy childhood.

I was still young when I was picked to join an entertainment company, and the whole thing scared me. I cried when I saw the cameras, and I cried harder when the strange old man tried to talk to me. I was so shy back then. That was when our parents offered them my sister instead. My sister stepped forward, and she didn’t hesitate to agree to be a trainee and took my place, because I was still too young back then. So she decided to enter the unknown world of entertainment because of me, and to be by my side. In other words, she was like Katniss to Prim.

As time passed by, we both grew a little older every day and every year. And thanks to the amount of milk I drank, I eventually became taller than my sister. She’s a dwarf compared to me.

My sister was so passionate in making her dream came true and soon her dream became my dream too. Seeing her working hard every day was such an inspiration to me and it made me want to work hard as well.

She became busier as she rises up to be one of the most successful in the nation and even Asia. We spent less time together and I realized how much I missed my meanie sister.

When I first debuted, she was there to support me. I was quickly labeled as her little sister everywhere I go. She taught me all the things she knows and watched me grow, either making mistakes or making my moments. She stood by me and defended me when the current became fierce. She put umbrella over me to protect me from the sun, even though I’m taller than her. And when I was finally able to stand on my own, she watched over me with a proud smile that now replacing that mischievous smirk.

As time goes by, my sister continues to chase her dreams. And soon she made her other dream came true, which was starting her own business. I’ve seen that look in her eyes before, the same one when she was practicing her dance or belting out her sweet voices; that fire and passion that was bubbling from within her. She found a few people she trusted and then begin writing the next chapter of her career. Although she was busy, she tried her best to manage everything.

She became very successful, and I was also dragged along into her playground. And so this little sidekick got some success of her own as well.

But we can never predict what will happen next. We thought we had it all planned out but we forgot that He is the planner of us all.

The ladder that my sister climbed so hard through the years suddenly crumbled under her feet within seconds. She didn’t even realize when the ladder begins to rot from the inside. She thought everything was fine, and that the ladder was going to support her weight till she reached the top. Maybe she fell because she carried too much weight, or maybe the ladder itself had broken apart, but things just happen that way. My sister fell down hard to the ground. And then everything changed.

It hurts me so much seeing her in pain. Though she kept telling people she was fine and that it was okay to fall sometimes, I know it was all just another layer of her thin mask.

I wish people knew how fragile she was. She cried when it was only us two in the room, and I usually cried even before she does. We would hug and none of us told each other to stop, because I can only stop crying if she stopped first.

But my sister is no ordinary sister. She is cool and great and would win the World Sister Championship if there ever is one. She picked up the pieces and moved on. She said to me it was okay to begin again and told me to be strong. It was funny because I was supposed to tell her to be strong instead. She smiled at me like nothing happened and soon we were dancing and laughing in the living room like nothing else matters.

I guess it’s true that nothing else matters. As long as we both know that we’re always going to be there for each other, I believe we can take on whatever hurdles the life throws at us.

Maybe things are hard for her right now, but it’s okay because this time, I will protect her.




by aienbest

Happy 27th Birthday Jessica Jung!

We’ll always be with you. We got your back.



290315 Girls’ Generation @ PETRONAS Sepang F1 Grand Prix After Race Concert


Malaysia Put It Back On 2015!

Remember when GG said that they’ll see us Malaysian Sones soon? They kept their promise, 3 years later! ‘soon’ indeed!

But jokes aside, I was more than thrilled to hear the news when it was first announced. That Girls’ Generation was coming to Malaysia again, and thanks to (AGAIN) PETRONAS for bringing them here. Also thanks to Lenny Kravitz who (fortunately) cancelled his show at the last minute, thus giving the opportunity for PETRONAS to use their hidden card again; Girls’ Generation. I seriously loving PETRONAS right now, thanks for being rich enough to bring Soshi so that we can see them with minimal price.

It was announced out of the blue (again) but this time we have a little more time to prepare. With the minimum of RM80 per ticket, you can gain access to the concert plus you get to watch the F1 racing, under the scorching sun, what a deal! So we grab our tickets online and wait for the day to arrive.

At this moment, and age, I’m already considered a veteran Sone, and you know how love goes through time. I’m like, “oh Soshi is coming, so yeah, should I go? I should isn’t it, for old time’s sake.”

 280315 – Girls’ Generation arrival at KLIA

I had some time to spare since it was Saturday night, plus my friends were all excited to welcome soshi, so I went to the airport with them to welcome the girls. We heard about the fanevent, and how it was all going to one sweet and cool welcoming event. I was hoping that Malaysian Sones, you know, an old fandom could at least live up to the expectations and be cool about it for once.

We waited for around an hour and a half, they were supposed to arrive around 10:30pm but going through the custom checks and all, they came out an hour later. There were so many people coming as the time goes by and most of them are the faces that I’ve never met before. And soon there was a long line of people waiting at the route which the girls are expected to exit. People were briefed about the fanevent by the Sones in charge, and there were even rehearsals. Everything was okay up till this point. But the girls arrived an hour later, and by the time there were so many fans turned up, around triple the original number.

Once the girls arrived, everything changed. The fans started pushing and the path for the girls were getting smaller. The police on duty panicked, and did their best to protect the girls, while the fans did their best to get their personal moment with the tired members. But they managed to get to their vans safely, and though it was chaotic, Hyoyeon still smiled and waved at us once she got into the van.

290315 – Girls’ Generation Live at F1 Sepang

I left the house early that morning and went to straight to the venue. We got there around 10.30am and I already saw people lining up outside the entrance gate to the helipad. The weather was getting warmer, and we decided to check the F1 race before heading to the concert venue.

I got to watch the racers signing session, all the handsome racers were there, and I regret not lining up to get an autograph. Lewis Hamilton made his surprise appearance, I also saw the dashing Jenson Button. Such a sight. We walked around the carnival area, posing with sexy cars, grabbed Petronas freebies and experienced the hot air of F1 engine. Around 12pm, there were Girls’ Generation GIRL perfume giveaway at the main stage. They asked questions about F1 racing and you have to get it right to win. I didn’t get picked, boohoo.

We went to grab lunch at the Chequered Flag Café, and fill up ourselves. I had Fish and Chips, it was nice. Or maybe I was just hungry. After the trips to Surau and toilet, the weather was scorching hot that you could even fry an egg in the sun. So we went resting at the customer service center and watch a few rounds of F1 racing in an air-conditioned room. Saw a Ferrari car’s tyre busted just on the first round.


Loooonggggg line


Around 4pm, we went to the concert entrance. There was a really long line. So we sat by the palm oil trees and caught up with long-time Sone friends. We passed around MMCafe business cards along the line as well. The door opened around 4.30pm, and the guards were scanning tickets. The crowd ran as soon as they get inside to get the best spot. We waited till ¾ people had entered before we entered. We’re just too old to stay in the sun or stand for too long lol.


Running Sones


Ibu mysone and her posse

Ibu mysone and her posse lol

The venue was not too big, so even though we entered late we soon got pushed to the front and get quite a satisfying view of the stage. It was like the rockzone/VIP tix stage view thus I have no complains.

The concert was THE BEST ever. The only thing that annoyed me was probably Hitchhiker’s loud music (haha) but my friends did enjoy his random songs. Maybe it’s just me and my old eardrums lol.

Minho is really really really good looking

Minho is really really really good looking




But Soshi and SHINee, they slayed.

“Thank you for having us.” – Tiffany.


Her solemn look during Back Hug


There’s nothing better than a lack of rehearsed show lol. The girls were playful all throughout, Yuri kept forgetting to cover Yoona’s lines, she even laughed out loud during The Boys and not even sorry for it! And there was the infamous Tiffany vs. The Ribbons, right during the part ‘babo!’ in Gee. She apologized for it in a very adorable way, and kept laughing afterwards. They kept grinning while dancing, always checking each other’s parts during choreography and (mostly Yuri) just darted around randomly, forgetting her position and laughed.



In total they sang 10 songs, and they changed costumes once. But the weather kept changing, from sunny to cloudy to windy to drizzling to pouring rain. They sang random songs like Back Hug, Complete and Kissing You, it was just too awesome to explain. Tiffany especially sugar coating Malaysian Sones with her adlibs, “Malaysia put it back on”, “Malaysia… you make my life complete” and so on.

Grumpy Smurfny

Grumpy Smurfny



Tiffany also said that it’s the first time they sang Back Hug overseas. They said that they were touched with our pink ‘Finally, You’re Back’ balloons, and Sunny (despite her grumpy mood that day) still remembered our ‘Finally, You’re Here’ fan event from 3 years ago! They were sorry that Yoona was unable to join and hope that we will invite them again soon.





“Please have us back.” – Tiffany.

“It’s the first time we ever performed this long with our fans, outdoor in this weather!” – Tiffany.

They looked genuinely happy for their trip in Malaysia, and we can’t feel any prouder. In total there were 18 posts from their social media about their trip here. They care. *wipe tears*

Her skin looked Malaysian lol.

Healthy Yul

After the concert, we went straight to the airport, to send them off. There were fans waiting too but this time, we behaved. The security tightened even more, and there was a wall of guards around them as they walked. They walked proudly (lol), without worrying about the fans hoarding them. They were split in two groups, for security reasons. Sooyoung, Taeyeon and Seohyun were in a group, and I remember Seohyun being really friendly with fans, she even accepted gifts. But honestly I was more focused on the second group, because both of my biases were there lol. Sunny, Hyoyeon, Tiffany and Yuri came in the last group. Sunny walked at the front, and I said to her clearly, “Sunny, thank you for coming!” She noticed me and waved and smiled at me. I felt so special at that moment haha. I said the same thing to Hyoyeon but she waved at everyone. Tiffany didn’t bother with us at all, but she looked so cute in her pink hoodie. Yuri too was ignoring us at first, as she kept plugging in her earphones as she walked. I kept calling her name and soon begin to complain in Malay words out of frustration, and then she looked at me and waved. Lol why.


Bye bae


Cool lah konon

Cool lah konon

They all waved at us once they passed the gate towards security, and that’s where you got the swag fany pose pic captured by my friend.

Swag sangat

I watched them through the observing glass tower until they disappeared at the duty free stores area. They were still waving at us even when they were going through the customs check. I caught Hyo and Fany waving at my direction in my fancam. Tiffany was especially adorable like a little kid as she waited her turn for check.


Bae and Sunny


There it goes, my best 2 days in 2015 so far. And unexpectedly, I care about the 8 girls again. Oh well, I guess I’ll continue to support these girls.



We’re in the most challenging phase we’ve ever been through. I thought the black ocean in 2008 was the worst phase, but even through the darkness at the time, there are always pink lights peering through. But now, we’re at risk of losing the pink light.

Without it it’ll be pitch dark.

I was puzzled at first, why would the most stable fandom be shaken by yet another dating news? I couldn’t understand why the local fans and some ifans were so disappointed by what happened. The usually calm and most supportive fans were openly voicing out their disappointment, and some even leave. Some were quick to judge them, including myself, to think they are too sensitive and delusional.

But after a while, I could understand them.

They’ve been investing their time and energy, supporting the girls by any means possible and shielding them from negativity from ground zero. But then this happened. By the person they trusted the most in the group, the leader herself. It’s as if all their effort of ‘building a wall you can’t climb over’ was in vain. It was the worst scenario possible, because it’s as if the wall was destroyed by the people it’s supposed to protect.

But, to turn your back against them and leave in the middle of a crisis like this is unfair.

I don’t know about you, but to me SNSD used to bring me a lot of joy. Though I’m not that crazy of a fan I once was (lol I’m a casual fan now) I never forget the times the girls made me smile.

How many of you listen to their songs when you were stressed?

Watch their shows and laugh your heart out to forget about your problems for a while?

Went to their concert to travel to meet new friends and have a great time?

Spent hours writing/reading stories about them when you need an escape from the real world?

We run to them when the world was too much to bear. But now when they are being put in that situation, we leave them. It’s unfair.

The girls are public figures, idols who dedicate 80% of their lives in front of the public eyes. It’s different for us. We can love them wholeheartedly one second and then we lose interest, went to do different things, or go on dates, got married maybe settle down and have children. They will be just a mere memory.

But the girls, they’ve been united as a group past the idol expiration date – 7 years. They did their best the first 6 years, and actually still are, but how long will this goes on? They are like us too, human beings, not real goddesses.

At this point it doesn’t surprise me if some of the members wanted to take a break, pursue other goals or even settle down. All their hard work since they were young kids had been paid. They’ve reached their current goals and achieved success at mid-twenties. It’s normal for them to do so. I won’t judge their choice of men either, because they’ve done so much through the years, following company and fans requests. Can’t they at least choose who they want to love?

Maybe what Taeyeon did with her IG did cross the line a bit. As love struck as she was with him, she should be more mature and professional handling her SNS account. The SNS account that she claimed to be just for her fans. But knowing Taeyeon, she’s the type to flaunt the things she likes, look at the tons of Ginger posts. She must really like him. Love can make people lose their logic sometimes.

Always remember that Taeyeon is just God’s creation, like you and me. She may look flawless on the outside, but the truth is she’s just a young woman. Sometimes she’s humble; sometimes she became a bit proud. But it’s human nature. She did apologize, it was quite quick and I doubt the company had control over that. She did her part, she wanted to make things right.

Now it’s our turn to be the bigger person and forgive.



“I ship them together!”

“They are my OTP!!”

“My ship is real.”

These are the common things you will hear if you’re actively joining certain fandom. I’m talking about any fandom in general. Directioners, Beliebers, J-Pop or… SONES are all fandoms.

There is nothing wrong with shipping certain pair of people. They look cute together so we ship them. It’s normal.

It’s all good, until you ship them in a hardcore way.

Hardcore shipping is like living in a box where there is only one hole to see outside. And outside that hole is what we want to see. We feel happy to see the pair we ship being with each other, it’s like the light shining down from the hole and lighten up the box we’re trapped in. But when they’re separated or being with other people we don’t like, it’s like the light had been taken completely and it’s all pitch black again.

It’s not a healthy thing. IT’S NOT.

Hardcore shipping will make you believe what you think is real is happening.


Because you see they are holding hands so often so they must be in a relationship.

They always stand next to each other it must be because they can’t stand being apart from one another.

They exchange glances and smiles in public because they want to make sure their other half was there.

Their hug is different than the others because it is filled with pent up emotions and longing of love.

They poke each other and are playful because they were teasing each other and can’t wait to get alone later.

“It’s just normal things that friends do,” said someone, and you said “Nooooo!”


Because you and a group of other friends who are also shippers think they are more than just friends. You guys talk about it every day in twitter, chatrooms and forums. You guys even have screencaps of proofs (that you take when they randomly looking at each other) so they must be dating in secret. Heck they even share clothes it must be because they were sharing a room the night before! You even have secret insider info about their secret relationship that you don’t even know where the source came from but who cares? It must be real.

Because you and the shippers agreed it’s real.

Because you read countless of FAN FICTIONS about them being hot with each other and it must be real. Some of the fanfics that your friends wrote even go into detail about what they do in bedroom and how they do it so it must be based from real events!

And then you see your shipped pair onstage with the other members. And you can’t help but to look for ‘moments’ between them. Even when they are separated and doing exactly the same thing they do with each other but with other members, nah you look past all that.

But when your shipped pair suddenly brushed shoulders, then look at each other and smile, IT’S LOVE. I mean, they only look at each other that way. It’s not like you really care about other members interaction (others could be playfully kissing and hugging but they all don’t matter), but you know your shipped pair have something special by just that glance. You just know.

You even relate anything that’s not even related to their relationship. Like when you saw one of them stretched body when they wake up from a TV show, and your mind goes automatically to your shipped pairing. It must be how she stretched when they’re doing it! You even macro it and share it to the world and think it’s cute.

And then you heard rumors about the pair that you ship might dating some guys. You go on hating on that guy and call him names. And when other people agree that one of your shipped pair and the guy are really dating, you call them delusional. Simply because it don’t make any sense to you. Why would she date that guy when she’s perfectly happy in a relationship that you know exist? So others arguments are invalid. Even when the guy and she are spotted wearing couple items and giving blatant hint, you know they are just made up stuffs that the delusionals made. Tsk tsk. Don’t they have a life? You wonder.

And then you go to their TV recordings. Great! You are closer to them. The interviewer asked question about whom their ideal type is and you shout out their names. Of course, right? They are in love with each other so it’s no question. You are actually helping them answering that question. You saw your shipped pair faces turned red and you think it’s because they’re shy.

And then you go to their fan singing events. This is the opportunity you have! It’s finally time for you to prove that your shipped pair is real to the non-believers! So you go up to them with your paper and asked them to sign on it. You asked questions about their ‘relationship’ and asked them to circle the answer. You write sentences in language they don’t really master and asked them to agree on it. And then you share it with the world. So what if your idol just signed in agreement during that less than a minute fansign with her that ‘she’s the bottom in a gay relationship’? It’s funny. And duh, it’s true anyways.









Okay stop.

Don’t you remember the time when you first discover this group?

You were so happy listening to their songs; they are cute and dancing in sync. You watch that same music videos countless of times just to hear the song and watch them dance. You even imitate the dance when you even hate dancing. You listen to them when you’re sad; you listen to them when you’re bored. They lift you up when you’re down.

This group.

You don’t even know the members name, but you know you like this group…

no, you love this group.


But, what happened since then?

Now all you can see and think about is the two members that you ship together. You heart hurts when they’re sitting away from each other when it’s completely normal and became depressed when they are rumored dating other guys when they’re already at the age to date men.

You might not realize it, but you’re neglecting other members and only see your ship. You no longer enjoy their music as much as you did back then; you’re more looking forward to see the interaction of your favorite pair.

And you don’t really care what you did as a hardcore shipper.

Have you forgotten that the group members are human beings too? Have you forgotten that they have feelings? Or that they have life outside their glitz and glamorous job?

It’s not fair for us fans to do this to them. You’re accusing them being in a romantic relationship with each other when they are close like sisters. How would you feel if people accuse you dating your own sister?  Since when does holding hands between good friends translates to a secret affair?

Remember that idols are people too just like us, they have lives. They go out and hang out with group of friends that we don’t know, spend time with their families, go on dates, went through heartbreaks and problems of everyday life. They don’t live like how we picture them do in fan fictions.

Sorry if I talked too much. Some may feel irritated reading this like, what does she know about hardcore shipping? She doesn’t have the right to judge us and all.

Well, the thing is, I know. I was a hardcore shipper once.

And I’m writing this because I feel responsible and I can’t take it anymore. I can’t just sit and do nothing and let the young fans corrupt themselves. You know better to stay away from hardcore shipping and just enjoy them as a group. Or just adore them for their cute and dorky sisterly interactions. If you’re too young to read the smut fanfics, you know you should stay away from it. Even if you’re old enough, too much of it is not good for your mind.

I know I’m being ironic because I’m a writer too, and at times I write a few graphic things in my story but truthfully, I regret it. I know I have young readers and as an adult, I should know better than writing things like that. I’m sorry, I was being irresponsible.


I love my fandom.

I know not everyone is like that but I hope those people can be more rational and stop treating the girls as if they’re only objects of people’s imagination.

If you love them, treat them with respect.

They had done so much to make their fans happy, it’s the least thing we can do as fans.


My Two Days with KARA Part 1: 130712 Meet and Greet @ Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa

Day 1 – 130712 – KARA Meet and Greet at Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa

Let me begin from how I won the Meet and Greet chance.

I was so excited with their upcoming concert in MTV world stage and was already contented with the X-Zone passes. But when I saw people on Twitter were mentioning about the Meet and Greet passes, I google-ed for it and saw several websites having contests, including MSN Entertainment. It only requires 2 questions for KARA and a creative slogan to win, so I spend a whole night to create the best entry possible. I submitted my entry and waited for 2 days till they announced the winner. And then on Wednesday, 11th July, I received a call from an MSN staff, Jean informing me that I’ve won the contest! I wanted to scream in joy but I was at work lol. I almost cried though.

At first they told me that there was only one pass to the MnG, but on Thursday evening, Jean emailed me saying that I can bring a friend along. I first gave the offer to my sister, because she’s a KARA fan, but it clashed with her company’s conference and dinner. After much thinking, I decided to give it to a friend, Ad @adpipi who I know is a KARA fanboy and also admin of Malaysian Kamilia fanbase, MySweetKara. I sent him an SMS which he replied almost immediately lol.

Jean told me to meet her at the lobby at 3.30pm sharp, but I got there earlier and arrived around 1.30pm. I parked my car and then wander around Sunway Pyramid for a bit, looking for the joint entrance to the hotel. I’m not very familiar with Pyramid so I end up walking around aimlessly and was also distracted with soshi endorsed Baby-G watches along the way. Suddenly I saw a group of tough guys in front of the Quicksilver outlet. Curious, I asked a girl who was standing by with her phone, and she told me that Justin Bieber was inside the store. I’m not a fan, but I can’t miss this opportunity to see him up close. Since it’s still early to the KARA MnG, I waited with my phone ready to record. And soon I saw him, wearing red cap and was enjoying his time shopping with her entourage and dancers. As time passes, more people were gathered in front of the store and I stopped following him as soon as he moved to the next floor.

I found my way to the hotel afterwards and meet up with Ad, Penyu, Fik and Nub who were already waiting at the lobby. We waited for a bit, chat and then we saw a familiar face coming towards the lobby. It was none other than Mizz Nina. Her group of dancers and entourage were waiting for her to go for the rehearsal. Me and the boys were hesitating and shy to approach her at first, but then I went to her and tapped her shoulder. She was so nice and friendly, we shook hands and chat for a bit (I joked with her about her dancing props which was baseball bats) and then we took a group photo together.

At 3.20pm, Jean whatsapp-ed me and we met for the first time. I repeatedly thanked her for picking me as the winner to which she laughed. Then she introduced me to an MTV Asia staff, Christine, the one who will take us up to meet KARA. The fanmeet was scheduled at 3.45 but was delayed. They informed us that KARA was busy doing interviews. Me and Ad waited with the other contest winners and we noticed that we were the only ones who brought gifts. We brought 2 bags of gifts for them.

We followed Christine and sat in a waiting room along with other winners. There were quite a number of us, around 40 people. We were arranged in a group of 10 where Ad and I were in the first group. We can’t express our nervousness and busy thinking of things to say to KARA later. When they called us to enter the room where KARA was in, excitement and nervousness took over and we forgot about everything that we wanted to say.

When I entered the room and saw KARA standing ever so perfectly and so beautifully, I was still in disbelief. I almost fell on my knees when I saw them looking at me. T_T. They are sooooooo pretty and soooooo cute that it’s ridiculous. Flawless goddesses indeed <3333

The so called meet and greet was not as we expect it to be. As soon as we entered the room, the staff asked us to pose for a photo. But I ignored them and took my own sweet time going from one member to another. I first went to Jiyoung, I look at her, grinned and offered my hand for a handshake.

Me: “Hi Jiyoungggg~”

Jing: “Oh hi!” She said, smiling. She was shocked but she still grabbed my hand. ❤

“Hi Nicoleeee~”

Cole: “Hello!”

“Hi Gyuriiii, you are my favourite member!”

She smiled and nodded. I don’t think she understands but still, her smile and her mesmerizing eyes were enough!

“Hi Seungyeonnnn, are you okay now?”

She just smiled and nodded too, she may say something but I only remember her eye-smile. /diesss

“Hi Hara! You are so prettyyy”

Shake my hand and smiled even more prettily. /waeee u so pretty

By that time, the staff was impatient and urged us to hurry for the picture session. I find a spot in front of Gyuri, I looked at her, hoping that I could squeeze next to her, but the staff kept urging us so I ended up kneeling in front of her. LOL. But as I kneeled down, I can’t help but look up at her, and guess what, she was looking at me too and even smiled! Goshhhh I remember blushing at the brief eye-contact and quickly looked away, shy! >.< ROFL! I never blushed because of a woman before! Would you marry me, Park Gyul? ;A;

Then they took our group photo and urging us to leave. But lol, me and Ad didn’t want to leave just yet! I stood up and look at Gyuri again, we were only a few inches away and damn it’s so hard not to look at her, so gorgeous she makes any straight woman go gay for her. T_T

I asked Gyuri, straightly as if we were close lolol,

“So how do you like sleeping on the sofa last night?”

She looked at me blankly.

“You know, the sofa last night? Room? Twitter?”

She continued to look at me with her blank face as seconds passed and I waited for her reply. Then she looked at Nicole and said, “Mwo?”

OTL! She didn’t understand a thing!

Nicole looked at me, with her eyebrows raised, “Huh?” as if she was asking me to repeat the question, but the staffs were staring at us with burning eyes. I said to them both,

“It’s okay, see you guys tomorrow!”

Gyuri smiled. Dang I should brush up my Korean!

We were about to leave when suddenly one of the staffs said,

“You can give them gifts.”

Me and Ad looked at each other and pulled up our paper bags.

“Yes, we have gifts for them!”

LOL the thing is I prepared personalized phone strap for each of the members with their names on. So I said to them,

“Wait, I have gifts for everyone!”

I took my time to sort the names and give it to them one by one!

“Okay, this is for Seungyeon…” /hand it to Hammie

“This is for you…” /hand one to Hara

“Gyuri…” /hand it to Gyul

And then to Jiyoung and Nicole.

They waited for me to sort out the gifts and put out their hands to receive it! Gosh how adorable is that?? They each said thanks and smiled receiving the small gift. And as Ad was handing his gifts to Hara and Hammie, I took out my cookies!

“There’s more! Wait, this cookies is for Jiyoung…” I said as I hand a box of cookies to Jiyoung.


“And this one is for Nicole.”

“Ohh, thank you so much…”

I quickly added, “This is our local cookies, pineapple tart. Do you like pineapple?”

“Yes I do!” She replied, smiling with her eyes. /KO

And then the staffs were urging us even more since we took up time for the rest of the winners. And so, we had to leave. T_T

I look at each of them and they were waving at us as we leave.

“See you tomorrow!”

“Yes, see you tomorrow!” replied Nicole, waving at me.

“Bye bye!” said Jiyoung who I think don’t understand. Lol

“Bye~” said Gyuri.

While Hara was just smiling and waving happily.

And then I suddenly heard Seungyeon saying, “Sorry~~” with such a cute and adorable tone.

She looked at my friend and slightly bowed her head apologetically.

He said, “It’s okay, see you tomorrow!”

And so we leave the room, with eyes still fixed on them. My friend shouted, “Saranghaeyo!” and I randomly shouted “Gyuri-ah!” LOL

We finally leave the room, with mixed feelings. There were still so many things to say to them, and the time given was too short.

Later I found out that Hammie was apologizing because she couldn’t sign my friend’s fanboard. Awwww she’s so sweet!

To Be Continued.

Milk Moustache Book 1


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Thank you.

230312 Girls’ Generation @ Twin Towers Live in Malaysia 2012

“Malaysia, put it back on!!”

This is the recollection of what happened through the whole week.

20th March 2012 – Tuesday

The week starts just like any other week for me. After a boring Monday, comes the boring Tuesday. It was just another day at work, chatting with colleagues and whining over troubled students, that is until I sat at my desk and check my fanfic thread.

I was checking on Smile Again’s comments on the latest chapter when I saw something on the SSF sbox.

“Malaysian sones must be so happy.”

“SNSD going to Malaysia this Friday?”

My heart was beating so fast, and my hands were shaking. I quickly checked my twitter to see what it was all about.

So it’s true.

My beloved Girls’ Generation is coming on Friday.

My face turned pale and I almost dropped my phone. I sat back on my seat and stared blankly at my friends.

They said I looked like I was going to faint. lol. I was. My body was shaking, and my hands became as cold as ice.

And then begin the most stressful 3 days of my life.

21st March 2012 – Wednesday

I was so happy, I was smiling from ear to ear. I see Soshi in everything I do lol.

I couldn’t sleep well the night before, discussing with other my sones.

We were all still in disbelief, as we have always been trolled with false concert information again and again and again untill we have accepted the fact that SNSD will never come to Malaysia. Not until the pigs fly or until the cats grew horns. We have to be content by just flying to other countries to catch them in flesh. No local concert organizers have enough guts to invest huge amount of money in bringing the girls here.

So when we heard it was Petronas, we couldn’t be happier. Petronas is our government petroleum company, and is yes, insanely rich.

So I thought,

“Miracles do happen.”

We’ve all decided to do a little event for them, holding a paper message, “Finally, you’re here <3”
Though it was just a sentence with a cheesy heart emoticon, it portrays what we all feels. The long wait thorugh the years, so the word “Finally” truly conveys our emotions. And us Malaysians are cheesy. lol

But then came a news that evening. One tweet from Tangpa.

“Girls’ Generation don’t come to Malaysia.”

It was a confusing tweet. And then followed by series of tweets from Korean fansites saying that SM haven’t decided whether to take the girls to Malaysia or not. And it had sent my sones into a state of panic/confusion. Some were already thinking of the worst, while some tried to be optimistic. Some even cried.

I took it with a laugh. And for the first time I know how it felt to have my hopes crushed. I even thought,

“I knew it was too good to be true. There’s no way the girls want to come to our little country.”

But a part of me still want to believe, I was still hoping for it to be a wild rumor. I held tight to my phone for updates every few minutes, and was unable to concentrate on my work at all.

Late that evening, Korean fansites confirmed that the girls will be coming this Friday. Followed by confirmation from various major websites, and also from media friends.

I remember smiling with tears in my eyes.

But then came another problem. The so-called free concert was not so free after all. We need to purchase certain amount of Petronas F1 merchandise from their booth in KLCC in order to get the fanzone tickets. The news was only announced around 6pm, and by that time, my phone battery was already dying. Phone dead, and I was unable to contact my friends to ask them buy tickets. I did thought of driving straight to KLCC from work, since it was only 15 minutes away, but I was short on cash in hand. So I drove back home, passing over the speed limits and traffic lights to get home as soon as I could. I made it in 20 minutes. (usually it’s 40 minutes drive lol)

I contact my friends as soon as I get home to ask the status of the ticket purchase. The event was only 2 days away. Bobo @ShikkaChu and Outlaw @OutlawxYul managed to get a premium ticket for me, but one was not enough.

After hours of stressful discussions back and forth with Lawyer @Hyeshi68, I had no choice but to buy it the next morning. After all I was aiming for the Golden Fanzone.

Another sleepless night for me. I slept for about 3 hours.

22nd March 2012 – Thursday

I woke up at 4.30am and was unable to went back to sleep. I was worrying so much, what if I didn’t get the tickets?

I left home at about 6.45am and drove straight to LRT near my work place and park my car there, because I have to rush back to work before 1pm. I reached KLCC a few minutes before 9am and already saw a few people around the Petronas booth.

Long story short, I was the second in line and bought RM1500 worth of merchandise to exchange for 6 golden tickets. The golden tickets arrived when it was almost 12pm, and I was the first person to redeem my tickets! It felt like the burden on my shoulders had been lifted. I can’t even describe how happy I felt at that time. Finally, a solid proof that grant me access to the front of the concert area.

I walked back to LRT with six bags in my hands, looking like someone who’s selling Petronas merchandise OTL. I reached work just in time.

That night I went to buy supplies to make placards for the girls. Charging my camera, phone and iPad, practising fanchants, keeping update on twitter, and design the placard. I went to bed around 2am. And woke up 3 hours later.

23rd March 2012 – Friday


Since early morning, I’ve been receiving messages and tweets from other my sones who are also like me, unable to sleep LOL. Some of them were there since 5 am, and some even spent overnight in front of KLCC.

I have a few things to settle before joining them though. I need to collect my car’s new roadtax (which conincidencely ended 23rd March every year- fate!) and then see the doctor to fake sick. I reached KLCC at 11am, joining my friends.

I first met Deffy unnie @DefsicIsLove who flew from Thai and spent the night in front of KLCC to pass her tickets. She was there with a few other nice Thai Sones.

I was shocked to see the nicely prepared banners from our fan forum, MYSONE. There were one for each members, and also one for the whole group. Though in such short time, they were able to made them. Awesome job guys. (Y)(Y)

I tried to call Bobo @ShikkaChu but my phone was acting up on me and refuse to do any outgoing calls. (IHU DIGI and GNOTE) As I was wandering helplessly through the crowd, luckily I met Lizz @lizzjong_ who was waiting at the premium zone. She then took me to other golden zone ticket holders. That’s where I first saw the epic fanboard EAT ME SOSHI that belongs to @soshimoo which became a huge help in determining direction later. It was like a lighthouse in the sea. lol.

Then I met Granny @nineangels_ and @fanwonder who were very cool since they didn’t have to queue like us. They got press passes. meh.

I passed Granny some knitting items and she surprised me with a delayed gift, Yuri’s High Cut Magazine that I’ve been longing to have. Thank you granneh.

What happened next was a complete chaos. We were pushed here and there, without clear direction of where to go while the crowd getting bigger and bigger. Ticket holders and non-ticket holders were all mixed, thus making us very confused and stressed. But we still tried to entertain each other with fanboard interactions, crazy jokes and talking to ‘Yuri’. LOL.

My JeTi placard and 'Yuri' held by ila @ilakola_land

Our group stick together no matter what, by holding each other’s bags and linking arms like soldiers. Around 6.40pm, we managed to get into the zone, when suddenly they were calling for golden tickets holders. Other sones opened a path for us so we managed to enter first like VIPs. lol thanks guys. Once we get inside we were up for a surprise. The golden zone was still empty. One of our gentleman friend, @HapihTgoo was there securing a front spot for us! We were at the first row!! We high-fived each other and almost shed tears of joy. The long wait was worth it.

We were entertained by the most annoying host ever, Jojo who keep asking us to shout Gee, Hey and Ho every few minutes. Like seriously? We were saving our voice for Soshi.

At 9 pm. The wait finally over. To everyone’s surprise, the large screen suddenly showed our fan project,

“Finally, you’re here

Everything else became irrelevant once the girls appeared on stage. We were shouting, chanting to the 8 flawless girls as they performed The Boys. After the song was over, the first thing Tiffany said was,

“Yes, finally.”

They were all sweating, especially Jessica. She was soaked lol. As I said, there were a lot of JeTi moments, and it made me wonder if they know about their huge shipper in Malaysia lol.

The infamous sweat wiping.

The whispering.

The highlight of the night was during Genie, when Tiffany enthusiastically shouted,

“Malaysia! Put it back on!”

The crowd was roaring with excitement as the girls did something that we have been dreaming for so long. It was a truly historic moment for MY sones.

“Listen Malaysia! Our very first love story.”

“Kita cinta Malaysia!”

“We will come back here again with Yuri.”

"Very good!!" Tiffany said when we guessed Gee as the last song.

This is not the first time I saw them since I went to the two night concerts in SG last November, but this time it felt different.

It felt like it’s the first time.

When Soshi stepped foot on the land where I was born, it brought a whole new meaning to me as a Sone. To see their smiling and playful faces on that stage, though it was not for a full concert, send me through a whole different feelings.

I’m not the type who cried easily, but I can’t control my emotions after they left the stage.

They came to our country, with friendly smiles and deep humility and even speaking the language of our mothertongue, though they were only informed about it a few days earlier. I realized that they’ve never neglected their fans, no matter they are.

My dream came true that night. Standing at the first row with my friends, watching them so up close, while my OTP showed their PDA, and I even caught Jessica and Tiffany looking into my camera a few times.

Jess was looking at my camera. ❤

Thank you So Nyuh Shi Dae.

You really make my life complete.

Check out my youtube channel for fancams!