Seoul Backpacking Day 3 – Nami Island, Lotte Department Store, Cat Café

We woke up early on the third day despite the fact that we didn’t get enough rest. After a cup of coffee and a chocolate bar we left to our destination, Nami Island.

To get to Nami Island you can either take the cheaper way or the convenient way. The cheaper way would be by taking the subway and cabs and the journey will take more than 2 hours. We chose the easier way, which was by using the shuttle bus. The journey only took around an hour. We get on the bus which was at Tapgol Park in Insadong. The bus will move at 9:30 sharp so you can’t be late. We got there 10 minute before it departed.

Nami Island is an island on the river and we have to take a ferry to get there. There are ferries for every 15 minutes.

Even though snow in Seoul was almost melting away, the snow in Nami were still thick. I can’t believe my eyes, the island was so beautiful. Everywhere we walk it’s like being in a drama scene or somewhere on a fairy tale land.

There were wild animals on the island but they’re not caged. They live naturally on the island and coexist with humans. I was shocked when I saw fluffy squirrels running on the ground and jumping from trees to trees. They’re not afraid of humans at all. Instead, they’re the ones chasing people. LOL. It was the first time I saw people being chased by squirrels.

When we walk further, there were restaurants and I saw ducks and peacocks circling people at food stalls. LOL PEACOCKS. They were asking for food just like cats at street stalls. We also saw rabbits and ostriches.

The main attraction about Nami Island is none other than, Winter Sonata. It was the shooting location of the drama that started the Hallyu Wave 10 years ago. There was the famous kissing snowman and even a human sized statue of Jun Sang (Bae Yong Joon) and Yoo Jin (Choi Ji Woo) which we have to take turn to take photos with.

We had lunch at a seafood restaurant on the island. The restaurant is run by an ahjumma and her daughter (I think) and she made the best pajeon (pancake) I ever tasted. We ordered 2 seafood pajeon because it was so good. We also had the kimchi rice with tuna in a metal box. We have to shake the box to mix the rice and they even provided the gloves because the box was hot. It was delicious. I’d go there again next time.

After lunch and solat and more playing with the snow, we head back to the shuttle bus. It will depart back to Seoul at exactly 4pm. We bought fried sweet potatoes and roasted corn to eat on the journey back. The ahjumma and ahjusshi vendor spoke the price in malay to us! Lol ‘dua ribu won, tiga ribu won’

We reached Seoul at almost 7pm because of the traffic jam. We made a brief stop at Insadong before walking back to Myeongdong. We stop by Lotte Department Store and Duty Free but the place was crowded with people. So we head out and rested for a while at a Cat Café.

Godabang (Cat Café) is filled with cats! We love cats so the idea of drinking coffee with 20 cats sounds fun. To enter the café you have to pay a certain amount for your drink and entrance fee. We paid 8,000 krw each. There were lots of cats there, but they’re not just regular ones. They’re from various types of pure breed cats. There were Persian, Balinese, American Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Birman, Sphynx and more. The cats were so hyper that evening. They were running around and playing. We forgot about how tired we were.

Their Sphynx cat, named Ping was on G-Dragon One of a Kind teaser photo and jacket album. I looked at Ping differently after the owner told me that and pet it so I can get indirect touch with GD. LOL.

After cat café we head back, tired but happy.

We were still unsure of what to do on day 4 since the weather forecast said that it will rain all day.


Next day 4 – Itaewon and Melon Music Awards??


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