031012 T-Ara Showcase Live in Malaysia @ Menara PGRM, KL

Finally it’s T-Ara showcase! I was shocked to see so many people turned up despite the controversy. The Malaysian Queens were very enthusiastic and supportive. I’m proud to be one of the people in the crowd of thousands that night.

The show opened by a solo male singer singing a mandarin song, and then sharp at 8.30pm, T-Ara came up on the stage singing Roly-Poly. I was pleasantly surprised by their punchtuality, gotta give props to Jazzy and T-Ara.

Roly-Poly was fun, and everyone was so excited. They were wearing cute retro outfit of red and white with polka dots. Soyeon tried her best to communicate with us in English with her heavy accent which I find appealing in a weird way. lol. The girl who sat beside me was a Soyeon fanatic and me being a Hyomin bias, it was fun screaming out our biases name. Though her voice shouting Soyeon is heard in all of my fancams. haha.

The next song was Lovey Dovey and the crowd went wild again. I felt thankful for my upper level seat because those at the lower level can’t even sit because everyone was standing in excitement. But I’m sure we all had a great night all the same.

After that they disappear to the back and a video from their European trip was played on the screen. We saw staffs arranging the chairs on stage and we knew what song is next. It’s I Go Crazy Because of You. They came out, now changed into their sexy tuxedos and short pants and blew our mind with their performance. The part where Hyomin lay on the chair…. :Q

And then it was the time for a mini game with lucky fans. A huge transparent box was carried on stage and the girls picked a ticket. 2 guys were picked and they came on stage. They were asked to dance to T-Ara songs which they both chose Roly-Poly. But they both failed terribly. LOL. The guys received a signed album each while the winner get to take photo with T-Ara. The rest of the girls then hugged the extremely lucky dude, while Hyomin calms us with a virtual hug. Then Eunjung hugged her from behind! Total fanservice I tell you. lol.

After the game they continued with Why Are You Being Like This, Day by Day and Sexy Love. And then they ended the show and disappeared backstage. But the crowd weren’t ready to let them leave. We chant and we chant and we chant until they came out with an encore of Roly-Poly. They were extremely playful, jumping around the stage, interacting with fans and Eunjung was busy picking up all the Rilakkumas she could found. lol. They ended the show with 3 bows around the stage and it was so sad to see them leave. T_T

But then they came back for the High 5 session for the VVIP ticket holders. And this is one thing I salute Jazzy for. They let us non VVIP tix holders to stay in the hall while it went on. Unlike 2 previous shows I went to, which was JYJ Showcase and Beast Showcase that forced other fans to leave. After the High 5, we surprised Soyeon with a birthday cake. YAY.

And then, they bowed again before finally leaving the stage. And as we were sad to see them go, they were also sad to leave us. T_T

and as I quote Hyomin:

“I love Malaysia, I don’t want to back. I follow here.”


They said ‘cinta padamu’ (love you in Malay) many many times until I had lost count. LOL

More photos and fancams below!

More fancams coming up soon!

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