SNSD And Their Part Time Jobs in Woongjin Coway CF 30s

Some of the girls decided to do part time jobs before the comeback in late September.

Yoona chose to do car wash service so that she can look like she’s doing CFs all the time, Taeyeon took a job of painting people’s walls so she can use the ladder and feel tall for once, Hyoyeon tries to be a carpenter because she can use a hammer on something other than her members, Jessica became a designer so she can measure chests.. and Sunny became a cook because she wants to feed Taeyeon with healthy meal for growth..

Lol, of course not.

They just released another CF yesterday.

Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia: Possible Lineup & Ticket Info

Galaxy Group has updated their Facebook page with a few kpop MVs which is most probably hinting at the lineup for the upcoming KMW.

Here are the possible lineup:

Teen Top
Park Jungmin

That’s six permormers. Honestly, so far I’m not really interested with any of the performers. Well, maybe for BB. They should bring girl groups too. Or 2PM.

/sigh. Not amused.

They also updated with this:

Presale before presale for all SHOWMEMBERs!!! (
SHOWMEMBERS may start buying tickets of the Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia one day prior to the presale.
All you need to do is to walk into Galaxy office at Mid Valley on August 31st, show your username and email address for verification purpose and entitle yourself with a 10% discount on specified ticket tiers!
Our office opens from 11am to 4pm.

Rania is Coming to Malaysia September 2011

The ever provocative and controversial kpop girl group is coming to Malaysia.

Oh the

The Dr. Feel Good ladies will be joining other local acts in Suara Kami Concert at Dataran Merdeka on 17th September.

This should be interesting since they will be performing with local acts on a Malaysian stage concert. They will have to change a lot of their choreography and wrapped themselves in clothes then. I guess it’s refreshing to see the clean version of Dr. Feel Good.

Secure your tickets here folks!

DSP to broadcast ‘KARA Channel’ on YouTube!

There’s no stopping for the best fcuking five. After revealing their album cover and track list yesterday, and also announcing their upcoming new line of fragrance, they revealed the new revamped version of their YouTube channel!

DSP Media has partnered up with Youtube to bring Kamilias “KARA Channel” starting September 7th. “KARA Channel” will bring fans behind the scenes of KARA’s comeback preparations as they make their return to their home country after 10 months hiatus.

“KARA Channel” will be uploaded to their official Youtube channel ( once a week for the next three weeks and will contain images and videos by KARA to be revealed to the public.

KARA will be in the studio greeting fans and will be reading fans’ comments in real-time. On August 26th, a teaser for “KARA Channel” was uploaded on both DSP Media and KARA’s Youtube channel. International fans are expected to take part in this, and KARA will attempt to try and communicate with both oversea and their domestic fans as best as possible.

Taken from: koreaboo

Check out the teaser! Looks like the girls are planning to stay closer to their international fans. I can’t wait to see more of the girls each week and definitely looking forward to the live streaming!

This is what they call good marketing. I think they can be even more successful this time around.

More Info About Hwang’s ‘Fame’ Musical

It is reported that Tiffany will be playing Carmen Diaz.

Carmen Diaz – A sexy, confident but cocky dancer with a big ego. Carmen is determined to make it big and is obsessed with fame, she believes she has what it takes to achieve this. Initially has a casual relationship with Tyrone, but develops returned romantic feelings for Schlomo. She later dies after being hooked on drugs.

Sounds like a challenging character for her. But I’m sure she can make it work, since it’s Tiffany we’re talking about here.

Song from the original musical:

Carmen Diaz Solo – There She Goes/Fame

Are you excited for this?