SNSD Tiffany and Other SM kids in The Upcoming Musical, ‘Fame’

What the title said.


The news just got out that our beloved Hwang will be joining the cast of the korean version of the famous musical, Fame.

The other cast members are Lina (CSJH), Son Ho Young, Jungmo (Trax) and lastly Eunhyuk (SJ)…It’s obvious that this is an SM funded

The show will run starting from November 25th until January 29th next year. So if you’re planning to go to Seoul this end of the year, you can try your luck in securing a ticket.

Son Ho Young

What a hottie. :3

Anyway, another soshi lady became a musical actress after the flawless Jung and Taengoo. Let’s wish this talented Hwang the best of luck. 🙂

KARA’s 3rd Album – ‘Step’ Special Edition Cover + Tracklist!

Woah, can you feel the September heat? It’s coming baby, it’s coming! Lol. I should stop.

And so we know that we have 2 top girl groups showdown in September and the first contender is… the best fcuking five! This is actually the first time since they became SNSD rival that they release a song before SNSD. Honey was after Gee, and Lupin was after Oh and Jumping was shortly after Hoot. Let’s see the power of KARA phenomenon this time. Can they conquer no 1 till SNSD return? I hope they do since I love these two girl groups dearly ❤ I want them both to succeed.

And then Wondergirls will return and nab the top spot in November. Oh yeah, WonSoKa fighting!

Alright the first album cover for their Special Edition and tracklist has been unveiled!

Kara – Vol.4 [Step] (Special Edition / +32p Booklet / Digipack) 

1. EY! OH! (Intro) 1:01
2. STEP 3:21 (title)
3. RIDER 3:03
5. 따라와 3:29
6. DATE(MY BOY) 3:22
7. 나는..(ING) (ACOUSTIC VER.) 3:58
8. KARA 4 U (OUTRO) 1:03
9. STEP (INST) 3:21
10. 내 마음을 담아서(Dear Kamilia) 5:49 (보너스트랙)

Seems promising, isn’t it? ^^

Looks like the folks at DSP had learned their lesson and give KARA the proper treatment as one of the top Korean girl groups!

I like..
Gyul’s hair. :3
Ing acoustic version?!
Dear Kamilia? Another ballad?
Strawberry. Cause I like the fruit.

I don’t like..
The colorful boxes looks like an intro from SBS Inkigayo..

But over all they got me pretty pumped up. I can’t wait for their first teaser and judging from the pics of their MV set, doesn’t look That’s a change! Good job DSP.

I’m gonna grab myself a copy of this and write a review of the songs once they come out.^^

Pre-order now and support the best fcuking five: