Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia: Big Bang Seungri!

Oh yeah, now we’re talking! Prooflabel just hinted about a YG baby attendance to KMW Malaysia and it’s none other than BB Seungri!

I’m not a big Seungri fan, but I love Big Bang. Since Daesung is on hiatus, I think if we’re lucky we might get to see GDTOP. I love GD ❤

Still, not enough to convince me to go./shrug.

If from YG, I want 2NE1.

2 thoughts on “Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia: Big Bang Seungri!

  1. seriously… what kind of logic is that?
    “U like Big Bang” & “one of the members will be in the concert” => U go 2 the concert!
    I’m definitely going, though I don’t think of Seungri as the No. 1 hottest celebrity, I like his songs & that’s reason enough to go!

    • I like Big Bang for their songs and..GD & Taeyang. Lol.
      But I’m just saying it, i like Seungri too just not my fave. But I most probably will go anyway since I love attending kpop concerts and GD is gonna be there..xD
      I guess, see you there? ^^

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