Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia: Big Bang Seungri!

Oh yeah, now we’re talking! Prooflabel just hinted about a YG baby attendance to KMW Malaysia and it’s none other than BB Seungri!

I’m not a big Seungri fan, but I love Big Bang. Since Daesung is on hiatus, I think if we’re lucky we might get to see GDTOP. I love GD ❤

Still, not enough to convince me to go./shrug.

If from YG, I want 2NE1.

Their Own Love Story: Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young

As much as I love Lee Minho, I so approve of this couple! Yoona’s Eider partner is dating Jessica’s favorite unnie. I can’t find a reason not to ship them.

When I look at how good looking Minho is, I can only hope he’ll met someone as good looking as him.lol. Minyoung is very beautiful and such a great actress. Though I thought she looked great with Yoochun in SKKS too.

Although they are in the phase of getting to know each other, I hope they will move on to the next phase soon. If I were Minyoung, I’ll skip all the dating phase and go straight to what matters most… hahaha. xDDDD

I mean, it’s Lee freaking Minho we’re talking about here!

Awwwh cute!

Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia: X-5

Proof label has updated their Facebook page yesterday and hinted on the first group who might come to the concert.

It’s a rookie group, X-5.

Lol, I don’t even know who these guys are, so I can’t say that I’m excited or anything. But at least we know that the concert is not just a hoax.

I’ll hope they will update with a group that I actually know of because if it’s just gonna be a rookie concert, I’m not gonna be there. Because I don’t like to ‘Put An Act’. xDD Lame.

X-5 – Don’t Put An Act