I used to ship HaNi until..

I saw Hayeon in bed like this.

[Hara.t] Seungyeon unni with me, we can’t sleep again and took a self-ca… ^___^ CAN’T SLEEPㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ will be going to sleep noww~~~~!

So many naughty thoughts would run on anyone’s mind after seeing this pic. 2 girls on a bed, at midnight, arms around each other, in bathrobes..

Thats it, I ship HaYeon now. XD

They have always been scandalous since the beginning! But I was too blinded by HaNi’s cuteness.

HaYeon Scandalous pic spamm!

They just don't care ❤

I guess HaYeon is the real deal.XD

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