Their Own Love Story: Jessica and Taecyeon

Jessi and Taec.


MY ultimate bias in the entire kpop, Jessica is probably dating.

Can you just imagine how I felt when the first rumor broke out? I cried for days and fell sick..

Lol, okay it’s not that bad. Maybe because I’m a girl and an unnie fan I wasn’t really affected by the news. The first rumor started when someone spotted them together at the cinema.

At first I was having a hard time to swallow it. Taecyeon? Out of many men in the world, Jessica’s choice is that beast looking guy from 2PM, Taecyeon?

But then after thinking about it for a while it does make sense why they’re attracted to each other.

Jessica always wants the best and Taecyeon kinda fit the bill..

English fluency – check
Hot sexy body – check
One of the most wanted Korean bachelor – check
Make a lot of money – check
Handsome looks – check

Seriously, if I were Jessica and have that kind of guy liking me, I wouldn’t say no. xD

And honestly, Jessica seems happier these days. Not just her usual smile but there’s something sparkling in her eyes as well. Maybe..she’s in love.

Taec may look like a beast, lol, but maybe underneath all that is a sweet and romantic guy who would do anything for his princess. And I remembered this one interview when he was asked if her ideal woman must be a good cook since he likes to eat, and he replied no.

He would rather cook for her instead. ❤

Jessica! I want a guy like Taec!!

/sigh. Thinking that I used to date a guy who look like Taec, why did I let him go away?

Like I said to Hara and Junhyung, good luck.

And Jessica, I will always be your faithful unnie fan no matter what you do or who you date. It's a promise.

Well, unless you Er..turned gangsta and join a weird cult and kill people..

LOL JK. love ya, Jessi. ❤

Some Jessi x Taec vids:

Lol, she was having fun picking on him xD

She can’t take her eyes off him.

2 thoughts on “Their Own Love Story: Jessica and Taecyeon

  1. wow, I love reading your reaction on this matter unnie. Sica unnie and Taec oppa has been my bias all this while and when I heard about the first rumor it kinda make me ship them more ^^

    and like you, I’m actually fine with them dating each other. cause it’s their private life and as a fan, I’ll always supporting them no matter what. The only things that I can’t tolerate with is when each of fandoms started to bash one another. it kinda make me sick cause this is Sica and Taec life not theirs. cause I’ve been following Taec’s activity for awhile, I knew that he’s a sweet and a kind person. In contrast to Sica, Taec know how to cook. hehe… totally fit with our princess. maybe it’s the opposite attract >.<

    p/s: wow unnie you used to date someone that look like Taec? Since Taec is like my ideal guy, I'm still in search of a guy like him XD

    • Yeah, let’s not interfere into our idols life. 🙂 Taec can cook? Well, the problem solved then, they’ll

      Keep on searching girl, I know he’s out there, just waiting to be found by you. I’m still searching too. XP

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