Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia : A Sone Wishlist


Woah, I seriously never thought there’ll be a day when a large kpop concert with multiple acts will be held in Malaysia. I mean, they always go to Thailand and Singapore but never Malaysia. I was hoping back then, but after having my hope crushed a few times, I just gave up. Lol.

But this! Since it’s coming from the same organizer as the SG KMV, i can’t help but keep my hopes up for my fave idols to come.

There’s been countless of rumors about who’s coming but they’re all just groundless talk.

Theres a fellow sone on Twitter said that the group that will come are probably from:

SM – 1
YG – 1
JYP – 1
Cube – 2

And others.

In my ideal world, these artistes are:

YG – 2NE1
Cube – Beast & 4 Minute

Others should be Kara, T-Ara, Infinite, MBLAQ, B1A4, After School.

I’d be perfect. If it’s true then I wouldn’t know what to do. >.<

But get real. As much as I want SNSD to come, SM is too busy sending them to other part of the world where they can get more profit./sigh. Plus I've already decided to go to SG to watch them live for their 2nd Concert next year.

The list is probably like this..

SM – f(x) or SHInee
YG – Someone from Big Bang or Seven
JYP – Miss A
Cube – B2ST & 4Minute (love them for their frequent visits!)

Others..HITT, hmm Rania, Teen Top? Idk, some new bands that I don't even know?

But let's hope my second list is wrong. And my dream list is the real one.:)

All I can do is pray for my wish to come true. It’ll be the perfect present for my birthday. 😉

Gosh I love September.

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