Collections: B2ST 1st Fan Meeting Asia Tour Official Goods


I don’t have much of their items, since I’m not really a big fan, not until this year. I don’t have any of their albums before Fiction and Fact, and I used to stash away their posters, because I wasn’t a fan..haha.

Here are some of my favourite Beast goodies!

1. 1st Fan Meeting Asia Tour Paper Bag.

It is huge (like the one you would get if you went shopping) and it is made out of good material. I mean, the bag could hold my 6 image pickets, a book, water bottles and camera during the concert. And it still in perfect condition.
I like how exclusive it looks, with the Beast special logo printed all over it.


2. 1st Fan Meeting Asia Tour Image Picket.

It actually large fans. I bought for about RM50 and there are six of them. Each of the members’ faces were printed on them.


3. 1st Fan Meeting Asia Tour Program Book


My favourite item! It’s sold in a silver bag and it can be sealed again. 24 pages of pictures of the boys, with profiles and lyrics written in English. There’s also their discography and tour schedule.







4. Beast 1st Album Fiction and Fact Malaysia Edition.


By Universal Music Malaysia. I bought it hoping I could win something in the lucky draw, but I wasn’t that lucky..


2 thoughts on “Collections: B2ST 1st Fan Meeting Asia Tour Official Goods

  1. hehe woo you did post this …i thought you never post it..
    i’m glad i’m stalking your wordpress xD

    haha you jealous of Kasih? you are friend with her? o__O
    she became famous because of the fanmeeting right

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