010711 The 1st B2ST Fan Meeting Asia Tour in Malaysia

Better late than never. xP
Been stalling to post this.


Date: 1st July 2011
Venue: Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

Last Friday, me and my sis went to the Beast fan meeting. I was especially excited since I just recently became a huge fan of them.

We arrived there early, at about 2pm and there were already people gathering around the Sunway Lagoon entrance. Since it was still early, we decided to shop in Sunway Pyramid to kill some time.

After spending some money (lol), we went to the entrance at almost 6pm and people there were already lining up for the rock zone. Then some people from Dell gave out a blank white cardboard and asked us to make our own banner for their contest. Since there was still some time left, we took one and start scribbling. Haha.

The gate opened at 7pm and I was already in the line at 6.40pm. I just want to get in early to buy the official merchandises. I heard they have very limited stock.

While I was in the line, I kept praying that my camera won’t be found or else they will confiscate it. I was pretty confident since I was successful in sneaking in the camera for the last 2 concerts.

But..I was busted.

The keen Sunway staff found my camera and no matter how I tried to explain, she ignored me and asked me to go to the room where they keep all the forbidden items. She didn’t let me wear the paper wristband too. I had given up at that moment and almost gave my camera to the staff.

Almost. Lol.

Once the staff was busy with the next person, my sneaky sister pulled me with her. She told me to go first so I ..lol foolishly ran towards the surf beach area as if there were police chasing me. Coincidentally, the fans from the rock zone area were also running there to get the good spot. So me running doesn’t seem so odd.
Seriously, it was funny. I never ran that fast in a long time. I never ran in a theme park at dusk with a camera in my bag. xD I smiled at all the guards and RELA officers present, acting like I am just an innocent fan running towards my beloved idols. LOL.

Anyway, the whole running thing saved a lot of time, and I went straight to the merchandise booth. Minutes later, there were a lot of people behind me. I bought a set of image picket, which are six huge fans with their pics on it, an official paper bag and a program book. My fave is the book. It’s gorgeous.


The show starts at 8.30pm. There was a video played, showing each of the members and by this time the crowd went crazy. The boys came out on stage and perform ‘Special’. I was spazzing like crazy too. Lol. Yang Yoseob is too cute. ><


The next song was ‘Soom’. Then they introduced themselves in the cutest Malay I’ve heard.

“Apa khabar? Saya Dongwoon, dari Beast-eu.”

AHHHHH damn cute XD

Then the host asked them if they know any other Malay words since they already been here for 3 times.

“Du-Durian?” – Dongwoon

“Sate?” – I think it was Doojoon

“Laksa.” – Yoseob XDDD


All are food. LOL.

We also celebrated Doojoon birthday with a cake and birthday songs in Malay and Korean.



And then they call upon ‘Progression’, the dance group that won the UMM competition a week ago to perform ‘Shock’. Lucky boys. It was a short performance and then Beast took the stage again and perform their own version of Shock.



Then it was followed by a fun performance with ‘Beautiful’.


The show continued with a game session with fans where they pull out 6 lucky fans through a draw. And then they were paired up with each Beast members for a game session.


I must mention this here.

I was very jealous of Kasih!!!! T_T


She was paired up with Yoseob and he treated her like his girlfriend! XD She hugged her, he put his arm around her, and was paying attention to her the whole time they were together on stage. Though Kasih brought Junhyung banner on stage and Yoseob was disappointed at first. Lol. He was so adorable!

Yoseob’s fan service was the most daebak. He’s the best. ^^

The game was long, and I don’t think it should be. But it was entertaining nonetheless and I get to look at them a little longer.




After the game ends, the boys resumed with ‘On Rainy Days’! It’s my favourite song! The live version was flawless, and I get to hear Junhyung cough! XD It was then followed by Fiction. Afterwards, they went backstage as if the show was over. But I know they’ll be back for an encore.

On Rainy Days

Sexy Junhyung in Fiction


They came back, wearing white tee with Oasis and I Like You Best. They were so hyper onstage, running here and there throughout the songs. Everyone in the seating zone stood up, including me. And then we climbed on the chairs to get better view. Lol. Doojoon and Yoseob were blowing kisses and pretend to kiss the camera. They were soooo cute. ❤
The show ended around 10.30 after they performed their last song, V.I.U. Another one of my fave Beast song.

Angel Yoseob



It was sad seeing them leaving.


But the whole show was amazing, so I was satisfied.

We waited till they finished their Hi-Touch session and sent them off with their cute caddies to the hotel.

Special (Shock of the New Era)
Soom (Mastermind)
Shock (Shock of the New Era)
Beautiful (Lights Go On Again)
On Rainy Days (Fiction)
Fiction (Fiction)
Oasis (Beast Is The B2ST)
I Like You The Best (Lights Go On Again)
V.I.U (Mastermind)


Check out my photostream for more B2ST photos!

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