JeTi and The First Snow

JeTi and the first snow have a very sweet story together.

When Tiffany first came to Korea, she had no family members here, as the winter approached, she expect herself to witness the first snow alone. But she was wrong. For the first three years Tiffany came to Korea, she watched the first snow with Jessica.

It is unknown to us about the story of their first snow for the first two years, but for the third year, their meeting is just so magical. As Tiffany told us through a radio show, when the first snow fell, Jessica was there by coincidence. Fate brought them together again.

Here’s the actual radio interview with translation by bug.

“I was always with Jessica when it first snowed. For 3 consecutive years. This year, I went outside oneday and it was snowing.”

“Then, I saw Jessica right next to me.”

“We looked at each other and said, “It’s snowing..”  “and we’re together again….?!”

Here’s a comic version of the story, made by fans.