JeTidal Wave Surfers

The term JeTidal Wave came from the brainchild of one of the senior JeTi shipper, Tsuna (Katie). She came out with the word during the first time the JeTi thread reached 100th page back in April, 2009. The term since then has been used to describe the thread.

surfer sig by warfreak

The word ‘Surfer’ was my idea. Since we’re celebrating the JeTidal wave, why not surf it?, I thought. After further discussions we decided to be called, JeTidal Wave Surfers.

If you are a Surfer, you’re most likely have these characteristics:

– writers, we love to write long posts..hehe

– visionaries, we have quite an imagination.

– detectives, no JeTi moment can escape our eyes.

– perverts..this can’t be helped though. XD (but we always protect our maknaes)

– mature. *ahem*

– YoonYul fans!

love Soshi Bond more than anything. Even more than JeTi.

We’re also really good with making nicknames. *chuckles*

JeTi Terminologies:

JeVampTi – Jessica and a vampire version of Tiffany

JeMagneTi – because they are like magnets

RomanticSica – when Sica suddenly being a total romantic to Fany

JeTiMoon – while they were on honeymoon in Hanoi

Mr. and Mrs. Hwang – lol..Lauren came up with it, I love it.

Flower JeTi – pink and yellow ❤

PrinceFany – when Fany act all princely..

JeTi Island – JeTi thread@ soshified

did I miss anything?

Join us anytime and be a Surfer.

We always welcome new surfers on the Island. Surf’s up!

Here’s to the Island: JeTi Island