Trains, Buses And Cars

So until I buy my own car, (hopefully soon) I have to travel using public transport. When I was younger and naive, I thought people who uses trains and buses to work as cool. Well, I was naive..haha

These are some of the route and the transportation I’m taking to get either to work or campus.

KTM Komuter..super slow train.

Some boys playing gutar while waiting for the super slow train..

KTM Komuter never on time. It’s either reaches the terminal earlier or late. But most of the time, it’s late. Delayed for hour. I hate this freaking train. Improve it already KTM!

Star LRT, love it.

Then we have Star LRT. I love LRT. It rarely late, and it arrives for every 10 minutes. And I always can sit.

Riding Komuter is like being in a can of sardine..

People hustling into the train

It took almost 2 hours to get to my destination..damn. I’ll buy a car, with my own I refuse using my parents money (I’m just like that^^). You see, cars in Malaysia are very pricey compared to other countries. I don’t know why though..


While waiting, I have this with me. ^^

New Moon ❤

I just started reading Twilight series (I’m slow, I My sister have been persuading me to read them for months but I was too lazy. I finally gave in and now I can’t stay away from

Sometimes I kept picturing Tiffany as the vampire..hahaha. JeVampTi<3