Holistus Trailer

Holistus is a great story. Even the author kept saying otherwise, (stop being modest Tsuna^^) I’m still gonna say it is awesome. Or else I wouldn’t be making this trailer. I read a few fics in SSF sometimes, so when a story that really caught my attention appears, I just can’t stop myself from making a video about it. I’m addicted to video making/editing..lol. I made 3 trailers for pooltides 3B’s alone. Why? because that fic is beautifully written.

What kind of fic can attract my attention?

1. a JeTi fic.. (i’m bias..)

2. freakin’ interesting storyline

Anyway, I’d like to thank Tsuna for the fanfic. I never knew I can produce such video before. I was good at making love themed kinda vids, but nothing so dark and gothic(?).

For a video that’s only 1.09 minutes duration, I actually spent hours thinking about the suitable scenes, music and concept. I was inspired by the story, and I won’t stop until the video finished. I’ve always been a fan of Evanesence, so I picked their song for the trailer. It fits eh? lol.


Overseer Aien.

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